Thursday, March 27, 2014

February Update

A little update from last month…
We took the babies to the zoo for the first time with some great friends - Tyson, Janessa, & Penelope.  I can tell this is going to be a place they will LOVE in a few months.  
 They were enthralled by the flamingos and wouldn't look at the camera haha… 
 I tried doing bath time with all three.  It was a little crazy.  There were babies slipping and sliding everywhere.  

 Sink baths are WAY easier for me.  Even though they are outgrowing the sink, and splash everywhere, it still is a lot easier.  I do baths and Curtis lotions and gets them dressed. 
Cruz with a booger sucker.  Yum.
I think she's a little too big haha...
 Oh, I just LOVE these smiles. 
 Julie and daddy watching the olympics. 
 Cute sissy.
We took a trip to Hollister while Curtis was out of town for work.
Kash found the tortilla his sister dropped on the floor. 
 Learning to climb on everything!
Kash & Auntie Trisha
My friend makes and sells these cute little sets - leg warmers, necklace, bow, and binkie.  She asked if she could borrow Julie for the photo shoot.  I think they turned out so cute. 

 Our daily trip to the park/swings. 
Time to baby-proof!!!  

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