Thursday, April 3, 2014

29th Birthday

I had planned on just getting a baby-sitter on my birthday - go to a matinee movie and maybe pick up some dinner on the way home.  Curtis told me to have the babysitter come earlier - like around 12:30pm.  He said he wanted to have a little lunch party with friends.  It was the absolute perfect party.  Yummy food, awesome decorations, and great friends.  

We have been so lucky and met some amazing people here in Clovis.  Like - lifetime friends kind of people.  I seriously was SO worried when we moved from the comfort of Utah.  How in the heck was I going to meet people with newborn triplets and rarely leaving my house?  But somehow it worked out.  The people here have just welcomed us with open arms.  Especially the Parker family.  We just adore them.    
 Curtis left the decorations up to my friend Janessa.  Seriously…can they get any cuter?  She is so talented and just has an eye for this kind of thing.  

 Westwood BBQ.  Yum!!

Such a perfect day!


Little Beachs said...

Looks so cute!

Notes From Nessa said...

We had so much fun helping! We just love you guys and are so happy you moved out here!! Please don't ever leave :)