Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baby #4 - 25 Weeks

I had my 25 week appointment last week.  I can't believe I only have 15 weeks left.  So crazy.  I don't think I'm ready for another baby…but…here goes nothin'.  

Back Pain: I'm feeling great still.  My sciatic nerve pain is still under control.  I can feel it at times, but it is WAY better than it used to be.  I'm SO thankful that it is resolved for the time being!  It was totally debilitating.  
Acne: My acne got worse.  I went and bought Proactive and it seems to be helping a lot.  My skin is so much more oily than normal and Proactive seems to dry it out and help keep new pimples away.  I have scars on my cheeks which will hopefully go away with time.  
Weight Gain: 10 lbs
Stretch Marks: None yet!   We'll see how long that lasts.  :)
Cravings: I don't really have any cravings.  There's nothing that I HAVE to have.  Certain things sound better than others, but that's normal for my non pregnant self.  
Sleep: I still sleep well except the one or two trips to the bathroom per night.  
Movement: I feel this little guy move all the time, especially at night when I'm relaxing.  It's pretty cool.  
Labor Signs: I've been having some Braxton Hicks (or at least that's what I think it is) where my tummy tightens up then relaxes.  It doesn't hurt at all.  It happens like once a day or every other day.  My Dr. says it's totally normal.  
Best Moment: Hearing his perfect little heartbeat at my 25 week appointment.  I wish there were more ultrasounds to see him, but it's all good.  The NP says everything looks great, which is always great to hear. 
 22 Weeks
 23 Weeks
 24 Weeks
 24 weeks. Triplets vs One Baby.  I think 3 babies makes a slight difference..  :)
 25 Weeks
Brought the whole fam to my 25 week appointment.
The babies were definitely a hit with all the nurses.  They pulled the wagon around the office showing them off to everyone.  It was pretty funny.


Josie said...

Ok those babies are so freaking cute! And you look great! sorry about the prego acne that is THE worst. Chia seeds might help if they are pregnancy friendly? I make a pudding every day to eat and made a natural exfoliant and its seriously amazing.

Sara Brandon said...

You have probably heard everything under the moon for helping with acne..but here is another suggestion that might be worth a try since its really great for drying up acne. Its basically apple cider vinegar mixed with healing clay. I got my healing clay on amazon and it has great reviews there as well. Here is the blog I found the recipe on: