Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Weekend - Day 1 - Drew's 8th Birthday

We decided to spend Easter weekend in St. George with all my family.  My nephew turned 8 and had his baptism that same weekend, so it worked out perfectly.  
We tried to figure out the best way to get to St. George…Do we leave at bedtime and hope they sleep the whole way?  Do we leave in the morning and see how they do awake the majority of the drive?  We decided to leave at night and hope they sleep - WORST. IDEA. EVER.  When they were 6 months old they would sleep at night on the drive from Hollister to Clovis (2 hours), but not so much this time.  We left after the 7:00pm feeding and headed to Vegas.  We used our rear facing car seats since they reclined a little more than the front facing ones.  They were quiet for the first hour.  Then the boys just got tired and frustrated.  They wanted to be in their cribs, with their blankets, sound machine, and on their tummies.  They wanted OUT of the car seat.  I jumped back in the aisle between the bucket seats (which is so uncomfortable - especially being 6 months pregnant) and just rubbed their heads and arms to help them calm down.  That lasted about 30-45 minutes.  We tried turning Baby Einstein on which helped for 5 minutes.  I tried feeding them Cheerios and snacks.  Nothing really worked.  They just wanted to be in bed.  I felt SO bad for them.  By 10:30pm we stopped for gas and a potty break.  I seriously considered turning around and just heading home, but since we were basically halfway to Vegas we decided to drive on.  The next 3 hours were brutal.  Screaming, sweating, satan possessed babies came out.  Poor things.  Julie did great the whole time - it was just the boys.  I definitely don't recommend driving long distance with one year old triplets anytime in your life.  We finally pulled into a hotel in Vegas at 1:30am.  Once they got out of the car they were so happy/delirious.  We put them straight to bed and 3 hours later Cruz wakes up.  I think he was just overly tired and didn't know what to do with himself.  I rocked him back to sleep, but the second I tried to transfer him to the pack-n-play he'd wake up.  So I just let him sleep next to me in bed.  This is a total first!  I've never had a baby sleep with me, but we were both SO tired!  A couple hours later they all woke up hungry.  We stayed in Vegas for their first nap, then drove the last 2 hours to St. George.  Kash screamed the first hour until we stopped for french fries.  Anything to make them happy.  I was desperate.    
In a Vegas hotel - at 1:30am.  So happy to be out of the car!
So cute in their hats from Aunt Jamie!
Drew picked Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner.  
 The babies LOVED the rolls

 Grandpa and Cruz
 Birthday boy!!  Drew is seriously the sweetest kid ever.  


The Dabo's said...

I'm so glad you didn't turn back!!!! And I'm so glad you made the trip to be with Drew on his special day. It meant the world to all of us!


Satan Possessed Babies ARE THE WORST! Glad you lived to tell about it! LOVED seeing you and your CUTE CLAN!