Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Weekend - Day 2 - Family Hike

The boys started out the day with 9 holes of golf.  

Friday afternoon we headed out for a family hike.  It's hard to schedule things around babies who still nap twice a day.  We left between their naps.  We had every intention to go hiking, but the wait to get into the hike and eating lunch took a little longer than we anticipated, so Curtis and I headed home to put the babies down for a nap while everyone else hiked.  It was still fun being together.  Plus…we ate Cafe Rio for dinner that night.  Definitely a must when you're in Utah.  Haha. 
 Aunt Stephanie and Kash
 Daddy and Cruz
 Uncle Dan and Julie
The whole gang.  Pretty much the best family ever.  We are so lucky!

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