Friday, April 18, 2014

First Year Birthday Party - Nautical Theme

Their first birthday party was absolutely perfect.  It took a couple months of planning and late nights crafting, but it was all worth it.  I decided on a nautical theme party because #1 it was gender neutral and #2 I could borrow some decorations from my sister-in-law and save tons of money.  It turned out great!!  I'm so thankful for all the people who made the trip to Hollister to be there for their special day!  
 I bought the ONE letters at JoAnns.  They come in cardboard, so I painted them white.  I added modge podge to the bottom 1/3 and sprinkled sand on it.  The sand was coming off a bit so I sprayed it with a sealer to keep it on better.  I love how they turned out. 
Over the past few months I have been keeping a folder of funny/cute/crying faces of the babies.  I zoomed in and ordered the prints in a 5x7 from Costco, then added a little birthday hat on top to finish off the banner.  I got the idea here.  It's by far my favorite part of the decorations.  Their faces are just to die for. 

I had so many cute pictures…so I had to make 3 banners.  :) 
I HAD to have real goldfish!  No one probably noticed they were there, but I did.  We dumped them in the pond across the street afterwards.  :)

 So thankful for my mom and all her time, effort, and talent in making the food.  It was all so good!
 Cute little deviled egg sailboats. So yummy!  Recipe here
Smash cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake
The real cake was also from Nothing Bundt Cake.  Delicious. 

 My sweet little family.
 Our friends Tyson, Janessa, and Penelope from Clovis came up for the celebration! 

 Cute little one year olds.

 Julie's future boyfriend Tyler.



 Kash accidentally put the bucket on his head. 
 He was a little freaked out.  

Smash cake time!!! 


  She's hilarious. 


 Baba shares the same birthday as the triplets, so we had to sing happy birthday to her too!  Big 94!!!
 Photos with the girls…  Trisha
Stephanie (my sister)
 Jamie (my sister-in-law)
 Ponies from Aunt Jamie.  My kids are going to LOVE these in a few months.
Towels from Grandma Julie.  She made some for the babies at birth, but they said Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C.  Now they have some with their names!  I love them and use them at every bath!  
 Grandpa and Grandma Brown

 Aunt Elenor
 Aunt Joyce & Aunt Lisa

 My babies with their bestie Penelope. 

My friend Janessa is a Zumba instructor - so we did a little Zumba workout that night after all the food, cake, and treats we ate that day.  It was hilarious and so fun! 


Notes From Nessa said...

I love this! Such a perfect party and the food was delish! I still die laughing thinking about all of us doing Zumba!

Sara Brandon said...

I don't know you but I just had to comment and say this is BY FAR the cutest 1 yr birthday party I've ever seen!! The faces banner made me laugh out loud!! And the goldfish are the perfect touch!

TamiNixon said...

Awesome pics. Looks like you had a great time at the birthday party. You make it look so effortless but I know it can't be. Happy Birthday to your amazing kiddos.

Ruth said...

Wonderful memories for all of you. The kids will really enjoy seeing themselves as they get older. You are a great mom!!!!

Consuelo Nakayama said...

Awww! That’s a very cute party! I particularly love your idea of using their pictures as the banner. I just love how it portrays the different faces and expressions of the triplets. I also love the nautical theme! I think the party is just fabulous overall. :D
Consuelo Nakayama