Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Update

March has been a great month.  Happy, healthy babies is always a good thing.  Curtis has been traveling a lot more with work and his new job, so I'm trying to manage things on my own all day.  My mom has been so flexible and comes to Clovis whenever Curtis has overnight stays away from home.  Soooo nice of her! 
Auntie Trisha came to town for  her birthday weekend.  We celebrated at Cheesecake Factory.  I was a little worried how the babies would do, but they did great!!

They loved the menus…and the bread.  :)
Giants fans...

When we go for walks, Cruz will occasionally look back and make sure we're still there.  It's so cute. 
Cruz and Gigi.  Yummmm.
Julie getting her nails did.
While my mom was in town we had some girls over for a little bread making class.  So fun!
I love Costco carts. 
Cruz & Kash
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
First time to the neighborhood pool.  The water was FREEZING cold, but they still loved it. 
Miss Julie learned how to hold her own bottle.  The boys are lazy. 

Julie was so interested in what Kash was doing. 
She's hilarious.
Cruz was trying to watch Baby Einstein.  Nerd. 

Brothers out to lunch.
Uncle Kenny came to town for the weekend.  It was so good to see him.  :)
Yep, eating Cheerios off the floor.  Whatever makes them happy.
Our new stroller.  Getting ready for baby #4. 
Little stinkers.

Julie doesn't like the feel of grass on her legs.  
Working on her plank. 
Cruz is such a little ham.


RobynC said...

They're so cute! Where did you buy their plaid shirts and their striped henleys? I've got a house full of boys and those are some cute clothes!

Brown Family! said...

Their navy blu plaid shirts are from Children's Place, the green plaid is Carter's brand from Target, and the orange plaid is from Old Navy. The red striped shirts are fromOld Navy too. My favorite stores are Gap, Target and Old Navy! :)

Katalin Levesque said...

Awww! The triplets are so cute! Those are great pictures, by the way. I love how you were able to capture the babies in their cutest and most innocent moments. I just love how they seem all so grown up, with them not misbehaving at The Cheesecake Factory as well.

Katalin Levesque