Saturday, May 17, 2014

Baby #4 - 29 Weeks

I had my 29 weeks appointment a couple days ago and everything looks great.  My Dr. really likes to use the word perfect (which I don't mind being called perfect haha).  So he says my weight gain is perfect, my belly growth is perfect, and the baby looks over all perfect.  Which is great to hear.  I got to hear his little heartbeat agin, which always makes my day.  I had to take my glucose screening test thing to make sure I don't' have gestational diabetes.  And I passed.  So that's good.  People were warning me how absolutely disgusting the drink was, but to me it wasn't all that bad.  I mean…I wouldn't order it at a restaurant or anything, but if you just down it really fast, it's not that bad.  

I've been stressing a little about the timing of the delivery.  I REALLY want Curtis to be in town and not miss the whole thing (since he missed the triplets being born).  I also would love to have my mom in the room - which means I need to have someone lined up to watch the triplets.  My Dr. says he does a scheduled induction up to a week before delivery.  So that's great.  Now, hopefully I can just make it to 39 weeks so my plan can all work out.  :)  It usually never works out as planned, but we'll see.  

Back Pain: The pain comes and goes, but at least it's not there constantly.  It's like in my lower back/right butt cheek and shoots down my right leg occasionally.  I tried having Curtis rub it out again, so hopefully that works and keeps it away for a while longer.  
Acne: My face seems to be clearing up a little.  The Proactive has really seemed to help.  I still have acne scars, but not a ton of new pimples, so that's always good. 
Weight Gain: 13 lbs
Stretch Marks: None yet.  Hopefully my only scars and acne scars.  :) 
Belly Button: In.
Cravings: There's really nothing I HAVE to have.  I eat basically anything.  I definitely eat more cereal than normal, but I think it's just easy.  And it's gotten really hot in Clovis so a cold bowl of cereal always sounds good.  I also eat a ton of pistachios and cashews.
Sleep: I have started sleeping with a pillow between my legs and wake up about 3 times a night to pee. But other than that, it's not too bad. 
Movement: He moves around a ton, especially at night after I eat ice cream haha..  I swear he was doing somersaults last night. 
Labor Pains: I still get the occasional Braxton Hicks, but nothing painful.  My tummy just tightens up and then relaxes every once in a while. 
Exercise: I still am able to go to the gym daily.  Which, lets be honest, is more about the $4 daycare and a break for me than actually working out.  My friend teaches this Power Pump class at the gym every Tuesday and Thursday that I love.  I still can do pretty much everything except the killer ab parts.   I tried Zumba a few times, but I'm terrible at it.  It's pretty hilarious actually.  My other friend teaches the Zumba class Monday and Wednesdays, and she's amazing, which makes me look even worse, so I stick to the elliptical machine instead haha.  
Best Moment: I love hearing his little heartbeat and getting the reassurance that everything is ok and going well.  
 26 Weeks
 27 Weeks
 28 Weeks
29 Weeks
Glucose drink.
Blood draw battle wounds.

Friday, May 2, 2014

In Love

I absolutely LOVE baby feet, especially when there's three of them.
  I originally ordered this print of my babies footprints taken in the hospital - from PitterPatterPrint.  They are life-size prints in an 8x10.
I had to go back and order some for their 1st birthday!  You just send them an ink print and she makes them into art - matching my nursery colors.  This print is an 11x14 so all three life-size prints could fit.  I absolutely LOVE it!  We'll just call it an early Mother's Day gift for myself.  I'll definitely go back and order one for baby #4 when he comes.  :)   Can't wait! 

Easter Weekend - Day 4 - Babies First Easter

For some reason Easter didn't go like I thought it would.  I think I was just having a bad day and maybe subconsciously having anxiety about the drive home or something.  

I had to wake the babies up early from their nap to get to church on time…and then the whole time at church was spent in the hallways trying to corral three busy one year olds.  I'm sure anyone with a 12 month old can relate.  We just wanted to go home, but my mom wanted us to stay to take a family picture afterwards (which I'm so glad we did).  After church we planned to do a BBQ at the park with an Easter egg hunt.  We hurried over to the park, but no one was really ready, so I just threw some eggs down by my babies and pretended they had their own little hunt.  Curtis took them home to nap so he missed out on the BBQ.  

The house we stayed at in St. George was incredible.  It managed to fit all 27 of us comfortably.  But it's still hard with triplets not being home, with your baby gates, go-to toys, high chairs, etc.  I was constantly worried about the babies climbing up the stairs - which Cruz managed to do without me noticing.  Thank goodness he made it up safely.  I was just stressed and overwhelmed that day for some reason.  It all ended up great though.  I just needed to relax. 
17 Easter baskets all ready for the kids to wake up
I didn't really know what to put in their Easter baskets.  I went with a swim suit (which I had already purchased for them anyway, but hadn't used yet), towel, sippy cup, yogurt metlts, and an Easter egg filled with skittles (which I later ate). 

 Grandma and Grandpa with all 17 grandkids - 10 years old and under. **2 more coming in July!**
Such amazing grandparents!
 The whole family (minus my brother John).  My family is seriously incredible.
 My sweet little family on Easter Sunday.  I'm so grateful for them.

 Cruz checking out Julie's Easter basket. 
 He loved the eggs. 
 Kash in his bunny ears from Aunt Jill.  He was the only one that kept taking them off. 
 Kash finding Easter eggs...
 and putting them into his basket.

 Three little bunnies on their FIRST Easter! 
Kash loved putting the basket on his head, then pulling it off to play peek-a-boo.  
 Cruz & Kash
 I love Cruz's cheeser.
Julie was ready for a nap.
We had planned to leave Sunday night and drive back to CA through the night.  After the experience we had driving out, we knew we had to try something different.  We decided to leave at 4am and hope the babies slept the first few hours.  It worked for the most part.  We made it past Vegas when they all started to wake up hungry.  We stopped in Primm and fed them, changed their diaper, and got them out of the car for a little bit.  They were happy the next hour or so, then it came time for a nap.  Julie did awesome again and the boys were over it.  They cried on and off for a while.  Cruz finally fell asleep and twenty minutes later Kash was screaming and woke him up.  I was SO frustrated.  I sat in the back again and tried to keep them semi happy for the last few hours.  We probably should have stopped again to feed them, but we just wanted to get home.  The last hour and a half was brutal, but we finally made it home.  It was rough, but at least a little better than the drive out there.  I'm SO excited to be home and don't plan on taking any road trips for the next few years.  I would never have missed Drew's baptism, but if I had to do it all over again I think I would have flown into Vegas or St. George or something.  Oh well, live and learn.