Sunday, June 8, 2014

May Update

The last couple months have flown by.  I can't believe it's already June.  It's starting to get really hot here in CA - triple digit weather this week.  We spend our afternoons either at the pool or somewhere with air-conditioning.  :)  

Cruz is still as happy as ever.  He's always on the move and can crawl so fast.  He doesn't seem anywhere close to walking.  He walks great along furniture and everything, but not on his own.  Cruz LOVES the pool.  He splashes and plays and loves water.  He doesn't care if the water is all over his face.  Cruz plays well with his siblings and doesn't really care when Julie steals his toys.  He'll just find something else to play with.  He'll play around, then crawl to me and want me to hold him for a minute, then go back and play again.  It's too cute. 

Kash is such a momma's boy.  He'll play around but looks back occasionally to make sure I'm still in the room.  If I try and wash dishes or make breakfast he wants to be right there with me.  It's cute, but hard at the same time.  He likes going to the pool but not as much as Cruz and Julie.  After about 45 minutes he's over it.  He wants to get out and crawl around.  As of now, Kash is my best eater.  He eats anything I give him, especially the packets of fruits and veggies.  He'll just hold it himself and suck it down.  It's awesome.  Kash seems the closest to walking.  He does great when we hold his hands and walk with him.  We'll see.

Julie is Miss Independent.  She would be the easiest singleton baby.  She'll find a toy and play on her own forever.  She's the worst at sharing.  If the boys have a toy she wants, she'll steal it.  If they try and take it back, she screams bloody murder.  She's too funny.  Julie is still obsessed with her little burp cloth/ towel thing.  She wraps it up in one hand and sucks her thumb, especially when she's tired.  It's a lifesaver in the car - she never makes a peep.  Julie is the best at copying the things we do.  She tries to copy all the sounds we make.  It's so cute.  She also talks and jabbers all day.  I LOVE it.  
Kash & Cruz
Julie & Kash
Little stinker. 
New sunglasses like mommy.
Cruz's new favorite thing!
Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3.
Mother's Day
Backyard fun.
We love Target.

Farmer's Market.

They LOVE the pool!

They LOVE going for walks.

Love this little smile. 

Best buds.


Paige said...

Your kids are so ADORABLE!! I could just squeeze them. What little miracles! i'm so excited for baby number 4, too!

Alexa Zurcher said...

They are so adorable. Holy cow.