Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trey KC Brown

I'm Officially A Mother Of FOUR (15 months and under).  I still can't believe it.  I'll give a rundown of my delivery before I start forgetting all the little details. 

Trey KC Brown
Born Tuesday July 22, 2014
8:51 AM
8 lbs 4 oz
19 inches

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I was really starting to feel uncomfortable.  Sleeping was getting harder and I felt like I was getting up every 30 minutes to change positions or pee.  My body was probably preparing itself for delivery.  Curtis was supposed to go to Arizona Monday night until Tuesday night but I told him it was only a week before my due date and I would hate for him to be that far away and miss the whole thing - again.  So he decided to stay in town.  My phone went off Monday night with an alert that said "Pack your hospital bag"…but I ignored it and set it for the next day.  Of course. 

It was 6am and I had just gotten up to pee.  I think I got up at least 12-15 times during the night that night.  I was getting back in bed when I felt a little gush…and then another one.  I had JUST peed so I knew I wasn't peeing the bed.  I woke Curtis up and said, "I think my water just broke!"  He thought I was telling him the triplets were awake.  He's like, "Are you sure?"  I felt another gush and said, "YES!"  I ran to the shower and quickly rinsed off and washed my hair.  I was planning on getting semi-ready since I wasn't in any pain.  I started brushing my hair and Curtis asks, "What are you doing?  Let's go!"  I really wanted to at least put a little bit of make-up on, but I had no idea how fast this little breech baby was going to come, and we still needed to notify my Dr. I was headed over, so I just threw everything in a bag and left.  THANK GOODNESS my mom was still in town.  I told her if she needed to go home until my scheduled c-section on Friday we were totally fine.  But she said she didn't mind just staying in Clovis until then and helping out.  Thank goodness she didn't leave!  We woke her up and told her we were headed to the hospital and ran out the door.  On the way to the hospital I text my friend Janessa (who is an amazing photographer) that my water just broke.  She was planning on taking pictures for us at the hospital, but would have been out of town for my scheduled c-section on Friday.  I was hoping she could maybe be there after the c-section to take some pictures for us.  But nope, she of course exceeded our expectations and immediately rushed down to the hospital.  She wanted to get some pictures of us before the c-section too.  I was thrilled!!  I was praying they would let her into the surgery as well, but I wasn't getting my hopes up.  My brother didn't even get to come in on the triplet c-section - so I doubted they'd let in a friend. 

When we got to labor and delivery I immediately told them my baby was breech, my water just broke, and I was scheduled for a c-section that Friday.  They put me in a room, but didn't seem to worried or anything.  They contacted my Dr. and told him I was there.  They took there time hooking me up to monitors.  They did a quick ultrasound to confirm that he was still breech.  Then the pain came.  I had never experienced contractions before.  I had one, a couple minutes later another one.  They came and did my IV.  By this time my contractions were speeding up, one on top of another.  They checked me and I was dilated to 4cm.  I was already in so much pain.  I don't know how, or why, people go natural.  Holy cow!  My Dr. showed up and was ready to go, but they had an emergency c-section just finishing up, so we had to wait a little longer.  I asked him if Janessa could come in and take pictures during the c-section.  He said, "Absolutely!"  I was so excited!!!  I was SO thankful she was there with us.

What felt like forever (and was probably only 30 minutes) they finally were ready to take me back to the OR.  Curtis and Janessa had to wait outside until I got my spinal and was ready to go.  I was still having MAJOR contractions.  I got back to the OR and felt like this baby was coming.  The nurse checked me and said I was already 6cm.  My Dr. came in and was so mad I was still laboring without a spinal already.  He's like, "Have you given her Terbutaline?  There's no reason why she should be laboring if we are doing a c-section!"  They gave me the drug while we were waiting on the anesthesiologist to help the contractions slow down.  It seemed to help a little.  A few minutes later the anesthesiologist came in and had me sit up for the spinal.  I felt immediate relief!  Then they put my catheter in.  Which was fine because I didn't feel anything.  I was prepped and ready to go.

My Dr. poked me with a needle to see if I felt anything…and I totally did.  I could still wiggle my toes and had feeling down the middle of my body.  I couldn't feel the sides of my stomach, only on top of my pubic bone.  They were contemplating putting me out all the way, but decided to just go with a local anesthetic on the spots I could still feel.  Then they started cutting.  Such a weird experience.  You just feel tugging and pulling.  You can smell burning skin and know its your own.  My Dr. was pushing and pushing on my ribs, trying to get his head down to pull him out.  I knew he almost had it.  I was just waiting to hear my baby cry…and then he did.  Oh, it was the sweetest sound in the world.  They put him up over the sheet so I could see him really fast.  He looked chubby to me.  I was guessing I would have a 6 1/2 pound baby and when they yelled out 8 lbs 4 oz, I was shocked!  He was absolutely perfect! 

They weighed, measured and assessed him.  Then brought him right back to me.  I got to hold him (with Curtis' help) right away.  I thought they took the baby away while you got sewn back up, but I got to be with Trey the whole time.  It was seriously perfect!  My Dr. made this whole experience so amazing for me.  When I was finally ready to go to recovery they put Trey on my bed between my legs and wheeled us away.  

In recovery, they tried to get him to latch on right away but he seemed too sleepy.  I just held him skin to skin for awhile.  My body was shaking out of control.  I think it was just in shock or something.  The nurse came in to check me and said I was bleeding a little too much for her liking.  She massaged my stomach every 15 minutes, but it wasn't stopping.  She notified my Dr.  They put me on two bags of Pitocin and gave me a shot in my leg to help my uterus contract.  It seemed to help, but the shaking was getting worse.  It felt like an earthquake was taking over my bed.  It was kind of funny, but super uncomfortable.  My teeth were chattering so much.  They gave me Demerol.  It helped with the shaking but made me pretty tired.  

They wouldn't let any visitors back until my bleeding was under control.  I got to FaceTime my mom and best friend Trisha and show them Trey.  The nurse gave Trey his first bath right next to me so I could see the whole thing.  Curtis took tons of pictures.  Finally, I was stable enough, so I got a babysitter for the triplets, and my mom and Trisha came by.  I would occasionally shake like crazy.  It seemed to happen more if I was trying to talk and tell them everything that happened.  My body was probably telling me to rest.      

Later that day, when I finally got to the mother/baby floor, my mom brought my other babies by to see me and Trey.  I was so excited to see them.  Janessa came back to document that whole experience as well.  She truly is amazing.

Janessa just sent me all her photos from that day.  She even made a video for me.  I'm not an emotional person at all.  It takes a lot for me to cry…but this video had me bawling!  I'm soooooo thankful for all her time and talent!! 

***Watch the video here. ***

I really wanted to deliver at Clovis Community Medical Center, but my Dr. set me up for my c-section on Friday at St. Agnes Hospital.  Well…since my water broke I got to choose which one to go to since he delivers babies at both.  :) 

 Feeling those contractions. 

 Dr. Swanson is amazing! 

 Ok, now I'm really feeling those contractions!

Finally headed to OR.

 My chubby boy!
 Hearing his first cry!

 Holding your baby for the first time is a moment you never forget.  I'm so glad Janessa was there to capture this sweet moment for me. 

 Showing off his little birth mark.

Trying to get Trey to latch on.

 Finally get to really just hold him skin to skin. 

 I was shaking SOOO bad!  The Demerol finally kicked in.

 Trey's first bath right in my recovery room.  Curtis just wanted to take pictures. :) 

 My mom and Trisha got to visit me in recovery once they got my bleeding under control. 

I couldn't wait to see my other babies.  My mom brought them later that day to come see Trey and me. 

Julie was so jealous and just wanted me to hold her.  She wanted nothing to do with Trey. 

 Cruz just wanted to poke Trey. 

I don't know what I would do without my mom!!      
We bribed the triplets with fruit snacks so they'd take a quick picture with Trey. 

Day Two:

 Cruz is definitely the most interested in the new baby.  He loves to give him his binkie (or take it from him) and poke him in the face.