Thursday, July 3, 2014

Baby #4 - 36 Weeks

36 weeks! Almost done.  I can't believe it.  This pregnancy has FLOWN by. I had my 36 week appointment a couple days ago and things look great.  Baby's heart beat is strong, belly growth is right on track…BUT baby boy is still breech!!!  I've tried a couple things at home to make him flip…but no luck!  My Dr. doesn't do external cephalic versions - where they push and push on your belly to try and make the baby flip. I saw it done during nursing school.  The mom came in all ready for her scheduled c-section.  They pushed and pushed on her belly.  It seemed painful.  She had tears streaming down her face…but the baby ended up flipping and she delivered a healthy baby 12 hours later.  Some Dr.'s don't do it because there are risks for umbilical cord entanglement, abruptio placenta…  Everything on google says it's pretty safe.  Which google is always so reliable. :)  Oh well…  We'll see what happens.  The chances of him flipping on his own at this point are very slim.  After 36 weeks your amniotic fluid decreases and he can't move as much.  So as of right now I'm scheduled for a c-section sometime between July 22nd-24th.  I'll know a for sure date next week. 
 35 Weeks
 36 Weeks
Some of my favorite girls planned a surprise baby shower last night.  I was totally shocked!  My friend Janessa text me and said she was stealing me that night for some adult time.  I asked her if Curtis knew about her plan and she said yes, so I was all in.  I didn't even ask any questions.  I'm always down for a girls night out.  I thought we'd go get ice cream or go shopping or something.  She picked me up and drove to Old Spaghetti Factory.  We walk in and the guy asks, "Are you here for the baby shower?"  I was like…who's shower are we going to?  haha… Little did I know.  It was pretty funny. 

 Cutest decorations.
Back Pain: I really haven't noticed a ton of back pain lately.  I haven't needed the chiropractor or any massages.  Obviously things like loading the babies in and out of the car, carrying two babies down the stairs, or even putting on socks is getting harder, but not really from back pain - just my belly getting in the way and being a little short of breath haha.  
Acne: Pretty stable.  I broke out again around my hair line.  I'm really hoping it all goes away after this baby comes, but we'll see. 
Weight Gain: Still 16 lbs.  I didn't gain any weight the last two weeks which is weird because I can totally tell my belly is bigger.  I seem to get full faster since there is no room for my stomach to grow.  I just have to eat smaller meals during the day.
Stretch Marks: None yet.
Belly Button: Still hanging in there.  
Cravings: Nothing really.  Maybe just fresh fruit and cereal. We've been going down to the Farmer's Market and stocking up on the yummy strawberries and cherries.  
Sleep: Curtis came home with this body pillow, which is awesome!  I still get up to pee at least 3 times at night, but overall it's not too bad.  
Movement: He loves to kick and move at night right before I go to sleep.  It's probably because I always have a bowl of ice cream after I put the babies to bed - which probably wakes this little guy up. :)  I love it! 
Labor Pains: No pains, just the occasional Braxton Hicks.  
Exercise: I take the babies on walks in the morning or go to the gym.  I still do my class Tuesdays and Thursdays too. 
Other: Gotta love the hemorrhoids.  Super fun.  Also my veins are HUGE.  I've always had big veins -easy for IV's - but with the extra blood volume of pregnancy they are extra big.  They cover my arms and calves.  I don't think they are varicose veins, but big veins.  I'm sure they'll shrink after I have the baby. 
Best Moment: Baby related - feeling his powerful movements at night is so fun.  I can pick out where little body parts are.  Not baby related - the surprise baby shower was the sweetest thing ever!  I told Janessa I didn't want a shower since I basically had everything, but she did it anyway.  :)  It was such a fun night out with friends.  


The Biggs said...

So I'm also a random stalker of your blog..... My last baby was breech well into my pregnancy as well. A friend told me to go to this site: wwww.spinning Every day, multiple times a day I would kneel on my couch, place my hands down on the ground, and hang there for several minutes (usually until I couldn't take it) in hopes my baby would eventually flip. And it worked! It's always worth a try....

Sara Brandon said...

Another random blog reader here...I also did the spinning babies techniques ("inversions") and it worked after 1 week. No harm in trying! (except you will look like a crazy lady when your hubby comes home and finds you kneeling on your couch with your hands on the floor and your butt in the air...;)

Lindsey said...

Ha! Another stalker. My sister-in-law did handstand in the pool and her baby flipped. My friend went to a chiropractor (who often worked with pregnant women) and they said ligaments on one side of her stomach were really tight so they loosen her up and the next day they went in for an ultra sound and the baby flipped. She was 39 weeks at that point I believe.

Robyn Christensen said...

Lol so many of us stalkers. My baby who ended up being 9lbs flipped at 37 weeks. I laid on an ironing board upside down that was set up against the couch, out frozen peas on my upper belly and put clothes pins on my pinkie toes (acupressure) one of the things worked because he flipped and he was a big one! You look amazing btw! I'm so excited God is giving you this chance to experience pregnancy after all you've gone through to get your cute family!

Lauren Billat said...

Another stalker! My breech baby flipped in between 38 and 39 weeks without even doing the spinning. I have a feeling yours will too, especially if you try spinning.