Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baby #4 - 39 Weeks

I had this post ready to go…but then my water broke at 39 weeks exactly (which I'll post about later).  So I thought I'd post this first.  

Back Pain:  At night when I lay on one side for too long.    
Acne: Same ol' thing.  I broke out along my hair line and behind my ears.  My face seems more oily than normal for some reason. 
Weight Gain: 17 lbs still.  Which is weird because my belly has definitely grown in size.
Stretch Marks: None yet.
Belly Button: Still hanging in there.  Half in, half out. 
Cravings: Nothing really.  I'm still loving my Isagneix bars/shakes, cereal (Golden Grahams), fruit, and nuts…but nothing that I really have to have.  I had a craving for Ihop Harvest Grain Pancakes, but the thought of loading all three kids in the car, taking all three kids out of the car, ordering take-out, waiting for the food, loading all three kids back in the car, etc. quickly made that craving go away :)
Sleep: Getting harder now.  I just can't seem to get comfortable.  His head is lodged under my ribs which makes it kind of hard to breath.  I have to switch positions often at night, which causes me to wake up, and realize I have to pee. 
Movement: He's still pretty active, especially at night. 
Labor Pains: No labor pains. 
Exercise: I still go to the gym every morning and do light cardio - elliptical machine - and light weights. 
Other: When we drove to Palmdale and back (6 hours in the car) my legs and feet were swollen!  It went away the next day and I haven't noticed it since then.  Baby boy is still breech.  C-section is scheduled for Friday, July 25th.  They set me up at two different hospitals.  9:30am at St. Agnes and 5:00pm at Clovis Community.  My Dr. wants to do the 9:30am because it fits better in his schedule, but I was hoping to deliver at Clovis Community because it's so close to my house.  It's more convenient for the babies to come visit me and for Curtis to run home if he has to.  We'll see.  I'm sure he'll stick with St. Agnes, but oh well. 
Best Moment: I got to hear his heartbeat and see him really quick on the ultrasound (when they were making sure he was still head up).  I love seeing my little guy and being reassured that everything is going ok.  

 38 Weeks
39 Weeks
Katie's baby shower!  She's due 2 1/2 weeks after me and my friend Janessa is due 6 weeks after me.  It's going to be so fun having our kids so close together. 

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