Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trey One Month Old

I can't believe Trey is already a month old!  Time definitely flies.  I don't even know what day it is most of the time.  I think it's funny when people ask me, "Isn't having one so much easier than three?"  I'm like…I don't have just ONE baby.  I have THREE 16 month olds and ONE newborn.  It is definitely not easy!  It's go go go ALL day long, and now even all night long.  I used to get two breaks a day (when the triplets went down for their naps), but now I never get a break since during their naps I'm feeding Trey.  Thank goodness he's a good baby.  He's pretty content as long as his tummy is full.  He only cries when he's hungry and occasionally just to be held or snuggled for a minute.  He wakes up two times at night usually.  He's warming up to his bouncy seat as long as he's swaddled but doesn't really like his swing.  The only way he can stay in his bouncy seat is if he's on the kitchen counter.  (Super safe right?)  If he's on the floor, Kash & Cruz try and get in with him, lay on him, poke his face, etc.  Julie still stays away and doesn't really want anything to do with Trey, which is actually great.  Makes it a lot easier.  :)  Trey has started smiling.  It's so cute.  He smiles with his entire face.  My other boys didn't really smile until they were 2-3 months old.  Julie was smiling the moment she was born. 

I think the triplets are going through a phase right now.  They are WAY more fussy and needy.  I'm not sure if it's because of Trey and their mom being gone more, or if they are teething.  I'm sure it's a little of both.  They are getting their one year molars and their I teeth too.   Sometimes they are soft with Trey and love on him, but lately they'll come up to him and start hitting him.  Or try and push him out of my arms so they can be held.  Julie doesn't ever hit Trey, but she'll cry and come lay on me and want me to hold her instead of Trey.  I'm hoping this phase passes quickly!!  We'll see.

I love his whole face smile! 

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