Friday, August 8, 2014

Trey's Name

The story behind Trey's name:
Before we had kids we had a list of names we both liked.  It's kind of funny how we used NONE of those names!  Cruz, Kash, Julie, and Trey were never on our list.  I TOTALLY thought I was having a girl this time around.  We would have named her Lucy.  We both liked it (and it was actually one of the names on our "list").  When we found out it was a boy we had no idea what we were going to name him.  We went over our "list" again, but nothing seemed to fit.  One day we were walking around Costco and Curtis said, "What about Trey?"  I actually kind of liked it.  We thought of other names, but always seemed to come back to Trey.  So it was set.  He was going to be Trey.

Curtis and I had no clue what we wanted his middle name to be.  I wanted to use my dads name - Mitchell - but two other of my nephews already have used that name.  Curtis didn't want to use the name Curtis, so that was out.  And I definitely wasn't going to use just the initial C.  Trey C. Brown sounds like Tracey Brown.  Not so much.  My favorite apostle is L. Tom Perry…so we were thinking of using Perry.  One of my best friends is Jen Covey (now Grimsley).  Her birthday is July 24.  If Trey was born on her birthday I wanted to use Covey.  Well, two days after he was born we still didn't have a middle name picked out.  My Dr. and Pediatrician cleared us to go home, but we didn't have his birth certificate filled out yet.  We could not decide what to do!  Seriously two minutes before we checked out of the hospital I asked Curtis what he thought of Casey - which sounds like KC - our initials.  He wanted to spell it Kacey so it had both our initials in the name.  Last minute we just decided to just do KC.  So there you go.  Trey KC Brown.  When you just say his name it sounds like Kacey, but it's actually both our initials.  We both like it and I'm glad we did it.
He's so yummy.  We just love him!


Island Baby said...

I figured you chose Trey because he was the 4th kid!

Cheryl Brown said...

Go ahead, drive a dagger through my heart. I am reminded for only the second time in as many years that my son hates his name. Oh the horrors.

Well I happen to love the name Curtis. I always have and always will. I loved your name when I was carrying your sister Stephanie in my womb. (Hey she was pretty active even then. I just knew it was a boy.) I always knew that if I had a son, his name would be Curtis and if I had a girl, her name would be Stephanie.

I also love my son Kenny's name. Right now I'm loving the name Kenneth just a wee bit more than the name Curtis. But don't read anything into it. :-)