Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August Update

This past month has flown by.  I'm trying to soak in every moment of Trey as a newborn, but also be a mom to the triplets.  It's a little hard.  I already felt like I was spread thin before Trey was born, but now it's extremely thin!  We make it work though.  I know it'll get easier and easier as Trey and the triplets get older.  

The triplets are blossoming.  I love watching them learn new things.  They have this new obsession with throwing away their diapers (especially Julie).  They'll pick them up and bring them to you and say "thank you".  It's more like "cank coo".  It's the cutest thing!  Julie still doesn't really care for Trey.  She just keeps her distance.  The boys have a love/hate relationship with him.  One minute they are loving him and kissing on him, and the next minute they are hitting him.  You can NEVER leave them alone with him in reaching distance.  

Trey has started smiling on demand (August 14th).  He has also started cooing.  Sometimes it sounds like he is laughing out loud.  It's so cute. 
These smiles make my day! 
Sleeping in the bath. 

Mmm…those lips are to die for! 
First trip to costco with all four.
Playing with grandma's glasses.

Trey smiles with his whole face.  I love it! 
Farmer's market.
Julie took a trip to Atlanta with daddy for Aunt Stephanie's wedding. 
He loved his one on one time with her. 
Cutest flower girl I've ever seen.
Stephanie made the most beautiful bride!! 

Trey found his thumb.

Julie is OBSESSED with Despicable Me.  It's hilarious.

Trey is all smiles.  He is such a content baby!
If you can't tell…we love Costco.
Trey's first time to the pool.

We took the triplets to a youth football game.  They loved it!  Ok…so they could care less about the game, but they loved walking around.  :)
 Kash & Trey
 Cruz found his nose. 
 August 12th, 2014 Curtis and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary!  We went out to a matinee movie with Trey and ordered take-out for dinner.  It was great!  :) 


Kelly Pack said...

Julie & Holland are soul sisters! I love how she doesn't really care for Trey hehe. Love sassiness! Xoxo

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