Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skeleton Buddies

My friend Janessa and I couldn't resist these adorable skeleton jammies.  We decided to get them all dressed up and have a little PJ party.  It really doesn't get much cuter than this...

Penelope & Julie

Best buds for years to come! 

Trey & Lucy

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trey Three Months Old

Clothes - 3-6 months
Diapers - Size 2 
Trey is seriously the happiest baby.  Always smiling.  You just look his way and he'll smile at you.  He has started cooing and laughing out loud.  We LOVE it.  I can't believe how aware he is.  He slept through the night for the first time on October 1st (10pm-7am).  He's done it a few times since then, but not consistently.  He usually wakes up around 5am then goes back down until around 8am.  The past three days he's slept from 10pm-7am, then goes right back down until 10am.  Hopefully he continues this streak.  I'm LOVING not having to wake up during the night.  I feel like a whole new person when I get good sleep.  Once I wake up it's super hard for me to get back to sleep.  Trey doesn't really love his binkie.  He reminds me a lot of Julie.  She didn't really like it either.  I wonder if he'll be a thumb sucker like her, or just nothing at all.  He'll suck his binkie when he's really tired/hungry or when he's in his car seat, but I just feel like I'm kind of forcing it.  He likes to be swaddled and sleep on his back.  My other babies LOVED being on their tummy.  He likes tummy time too, but prefers to be on his back.  Trey gets attacked by his siblings almost daily.  Cruz and Kash will go up to him and pet his head softly, then out of nowhere just smack him.  It's so sad.  He's gonna be a tough little cookie.  We are so in love with this kid. 

His smile kills me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

September Update

September came and went so fast.  We had Trey's baby blessing at the beginning of the month.  My sister Stephanie and sister-in-law Jamie flew out for a few days.  It was so nice having them here!  We always love visitors (and the extra help haha).  I definitely miss them already.  I don't really miss much about living in Utah - except being so close to family and friends.  It's hard being a 12 hour drive away.   

We are getting back in the swing of things.  I finally am feeling back to "normal" and working out again.  I take the triplets with me to the gym.  They kind of forgot about the gym daycare.  They started crying when I drop them off (which they never did before).  Eight weeks away is a long time.  They are getting better and better though.  

I still feel like I'm in the circus juggling act.  Trey has added a whole new dimension to our lives.  I felt like I had triplets down, but with our new addition I'm all out of whack.  I'm trying to create a schedule for Trey, but sometimes it conflicts with the triplets schedule.  We are figuring it all out though.  
My strong little guy. 

That face is to die for! 
Trouble makers!

He even smiles in his sleep.

My four babies. 

His first blow-out…on Aunt Stephanie. 

They LOVE their new work bench. 

Mmmm…I love his rolls. 
I ask Cruz "Where's your nose?" and he sticks his finger way up there.  Hilarious!

Those leg rolls...

BYU fan already.
Churros at the Farmer's Market were a hit! 
Cruz and his bestie Miss Penelope.
First kisses are the best!
Sundays are tiring. 
Curtis calls this "tile mix" instead of trail mix.  Haha… He puts out random treats on the tile for the kids to keep them occupied. 
Strawberry milk for Trey. Awesome. 
My happy little guy. 
Three bums are definitely better than one. 
Keeping watch over his little brother. 
Trey will learn to love taking pictures.  :)