Saturday, November 8, 2014

18 Months & 3 Month Pictures

::18 MONTHS::

Weight - 26 lbs 2 oz  (75th percentile)
Height - 33.5 in  (80th percentile)
Clothes - 18-24 months
Diaper Size - 4's during the day and 5's at night to hold all the pee
Shoes - Size 6

Cruz and Kash are starting to have the cutest relationship (most of the time).  They play peek-a-boo while in their carseats.  They'll hide back, then pop out and laugh and laugh.  It's so cute. They cuddle together during walks in the stroller.  They've learned how to give kisses…which sometimes ends up licking each other.  It's pretty funny.  And then there's the fighting.  Not so cute.  They don't know their own strength.    They went through a little biting stage (especially Kash), but now it's mostly just hitting.  They'll be giving Trey kisses, or hugs, then out of nowhere slap him in the face or poke his eye.  I have to remember that they're only 18 months and really don't mean to be mean…but sometimes it's hard when Trey is screaming.  Cruz and Kash hit each other too - when they want the same toy, when they both want to press the button to close the garage, when one has the tv remote, when they want the same food, or just out of nowhere.  They hit Julie too, but not as much, since she kind of keeps to herself.  People always say, "Oh, I bet it's nice that they have each other to play with."  YEA RIGHT!  It is SO much easier when they are alone - like if one wakes up early from a nap or something.  Maybe it'll be easier later, when they understand what no means, or I can put them in time-out to teach them a lesson, but right now it's definitely harder. 
Cruz is getting so big.  He's running all over the place now.  He can say thank you, baby, buh bye, mama, dada.  He's supposed to be able to say 7-10 words but hasn't got that far yet.  Cruz has a mouth full of teeth and eats pretty much everything.  They have days where they absolutely LOVE something and devour the whole plate, and then the next night they won't eat any of it.  His favorite foods right now are pears, peaches, bananas, pancakes, hotdogs, pasta, broccoli, and sometimes eggs.  When he gets mad or frustrated he does this thing where he spits his food out and scrapes every single bit out of his mouth with his hands.  I have to get it on film.  It's so annoying when it's eggs because it gets all over the carpet.  Cruz has the cutest little giggle and is such a happy kid.  He still naps twice a day, but it starting to fight that second nap.  The other two definitely still need the second nap.  I'm going to wait until they are all ready to transition to one nap before I change all their schedules.  We'll see how much longer that lasts.  Cruz still sucks his ring finger when he sleeps.  I only know this because I have a video monitor, and because his ring finger nail grows differently than the rest (just like Kash's).  He is just the cutest kid.  We adore him. 

Weight - 25 lbs 4 oz  (65th percentile)
Height - 33.5 in  (80th percentile)
Clothes - 18-24 months
Diaper Size - 4's during the day and 5's at night to hold all the pee
Shoes - Size 6

Kash is such a sweetheart (most of the time).  He loves to give kisses and "loves".  He used to bite when he got mad, but is pretty much over that phase (hopefully).  He still hits when he gets his toy stolen or when he wants someone else's toy and they won't share.  We are trying to teach him "no" or to "be nice" but it's not really working yet.  He's usually pretty good with Trey but will still hit him out of nowhere.  I can't leave the boys alone with Trey.  
Kash can say baby, buh bye, thank you, mama, and dada.  He knows where his shoes are and brings them to us to put on.  Kash loves to push his toy car and throw the ball to Tyson.  He thinks its so fun to fake throw the ball and watch Tyson try to find it.  It's so funny.  He loves to copy what we are doing.  He also loves taking blocks out of the bag and putting them back in.  Kash still naps twice a day.  He went through a phase where he wouldn't nap well during the afternoon, but he's back at it and napping great (for now).  Kash still sucks his ring finger when he sleeps.  He does the same frustrated/mad spit food out that Cruz does, but not nearly as often.  Kash is such a mamas boy.  We sure love this kid. 

Weight - 26 lbs 6 oz  (90th percentile)
Height - 33 in  (80th percentile)
Clothes - 18-24 months
Diaper Size - 4's during the day and 5's at night to hold all the pee
Shoes - Size 4

Julie is definitely more independent than the boys.  I'm not sure if it's because she's a girl, or not the identical one, but she is SO much different than the boys.  She likes to play on her own away from the boys so she doesn't have to share any toys or get hit.  She loves to read books (they all do), especially if  I read to her.  She is so dainty and picks things up with her thumb and finger.  She'll find the smallest crumb on the floor and bring it to me and say "thank you".  It started off with dirty diapers.  She'd bring them to me and I'd say "thank you".  Now she brings anything to me and says "thank you".  It's so cute.  She can say baby, buh bye, thank you, mama, and dada.  Julie is the best eater and never spits food out like the boys.  She's more of a savory eater and loves hotdogs, chicken chile casserole, lasagna, chicken nuggets, pasta, broccoli, pears, and pasta.  She'll really eat anything.  She doesn't really like fruit snacks or fruit by the foot like the boys do.  
Julie is still smiley as ever.  She has the cutest little laugh and is SO ticklish under her chin.  She loves to play ring around the rosie and she LOVES being outside.  They all do.  If they are being fussy at all I can take them outside and I don't hear a peep.  She definitely fusses when it's time to go back inside though.  They still love going for walks but would rather walk on their own instead of being in the stroller (which is nearly impossible when you are by yourself).  Julie still loves her little rag and sucks her thumb while she sleeps.  She started warming up to Trey.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes and looked up to find her climbing in his swing with him in it.  Trey wasn't really a fan of being smushed. She's got the cutest little personality! 

::3 MONTHS::

Trey is seriously one happy baby.  He smiles ALL DAY LONG.  It's crazy.  He recently found his hands and has started sucking on them.  I wonder if he'll find his thumb…or ring finger.  :)  He doesn't really love his binkie, so I kind of hope he finds a thumb or finger soon.  He loves to be swaddled while he sleeps.  Once he starts getting a little tired I can swaddle him and put him down awake and he'll put himself to sleep.  It's pretty awesome.  Ever since the time change I've started putting him down at 9pm and he'll sleep until 5-5:30am, then drink a bottle and go back to sleep until 8:30-9am.  It's been nice.  I'm still pumping and have tons of milk, which is great, but time consuming.  I hope to make it to at least 6 months.  I have TONS in my freezer right now so I'm sure I'll make it that far.  
Trey is growing SO fast.  It's crazy.  He's already wearing 6 month onesies and 9 month jammies.  What the heck?!  I've already put away all his 3-6 month clothes.  They were way too snug.  He needs to just slow down and stay little!!  He likes his bouncy and his swing.  He loves to talk and coo.  I just started putting him in the exersaucer and he seemed to like it for a little while.  He's not really a fan of tummy time, but we are working on it.  We love our new addition! 



Paige said...

I LOVED the age around 18 months. I can't imagine how much work it is to have triplets AND an infant. They are gorgeous! (I think I say that a lot lol). Y'all are a beautiful family.

The Dabo's said...

I really hate to compare but I had to look! So Olivia was 33 inches too! Drew was 32. Alex was 32.5. Esther was 32. All really really close. And I really love how the pictures turned out!!!