Sunday, November 2, 2014


We drove down to Lancaster a couple weeks ago for my nephew Derek's baptism and my other nephew Joshua's baby blessing.  It was such a great little trip.  My entire family was there! 
My brother Mitch, Derek, and sister-in-law Jill. 

My whole fam!

Just the adults

Grandma & Grandpa and all their 19 grandkids!! 
Funny faces.

Josh at his blessing.  Trey and Josh are 2 days apart!  
Steven feeding Trey.

My sister and her 6 kids came to Clovis for a week!  We LOVED having them here.  Curtis was out of town all week so it was nice having extra hands around.  Her kids are so great with mine. 
Jack & Trey

Trey & Cody
TEN kids - TEN and under - between my sister and I.  Crazy!! 
The whole crew at Target.  Can't miss out on a great deal on diapers.
We took everyone to the Fresno Zoo.  It was a major hit!  Everyone loved it! 
Kash feeding the giraffe. 

Cruz's turn. 

Then Julie.

They have a cute little petting zoo where you actually get to interact with the animals.  I didn't know if my kids would be scared at all.  They all were fearless and loved it. 

How cute is this? Steven & Kyle holding hands with Kash. 
Petting the goats.
Julie doing her own thing - of course. 

Lia brushing the baby goat. 

The whole gang.  It was SO great having my sister here!!  I miss them SOOO much.  You'd think it would be pure craziness having 10 kids under one roof, but it actually went pretty smooth.  We always love having them here! 

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