Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hollister Fair

We took a trip to Hollister a few weeks ago.  The fair was the same weekend, so we decided to take the babies down to see all the animals.  I thought they would LOVE it, but they are still a little young.  I think if they could get out and touch all the animals they would have liked it more.  But it was still fun to get out of the house and do something different.  My parents always work a booth at the fair so we got free tickets.  :) 
Frozen!  Haha.  Julie is the only one that will sit and watch a movie for a little while.  She LOVES Despicable Me.  The boys only last a couple minutes, then want to do something else. 

Stealing mommy's drink. 

Since there isn't much to do in Hollister, we went back to the fair for the second time haha..  Curtis had to fly out to New Jersey, so he wasn't there.  Thank goodness we had Uncle John and my friend Trisha to come help us out.  
Go Giants!! 

Baby pig races!  So cute.  :) 

I took the babies down to the pond to feed the ducks in the morning.  They loved it!! 

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