Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Update

November has been a crazy month.  I'm learning how to manage all four by myself.  My mom flew to West Virginia for two weeks at the beginning of the month, and Curtis went to LA for a week, so I was all by my lonesome.  It was CRRRRRAZY but somehow I managed.  I never thought I could do it alone, but then you just do, and it works out.  My mom has officially gone home, but she'll still come back and help me when Curtis goes out of town for weeks at a time (if she can).  

Trey's schedule is becoming more predictable, which is so nice.  I'm a HUGE believer in BabyWise!  It's crazy how it all works out exactly like the book says it will - as long as you stick to your schedule.  He's becoming more consistent at sleeping 9pm-9am, then eats every three hours during the day.  A-mazing!  He gets fussy from about 7pm-8pm.  I remember that time of night being hard with the triplets too.  We used to go for walks every single night to keep them happy.

Cruz, Kash & Julie are starting to mimic us a lot more.  It's the cutest.  I'm loving this age - especially when they're happy  :)  Cruz and Kash have started babbling and talking more.  They can say thank you, more, ball, baby, mama, dada, eyes, what's that, and buh bye.  Julie doesn't really say anything besides thank you, buh bye, mama, dada.   They love shoes.  They'll go grab them and bring them to me to put on.  Their favorite toys right now are their wood work bench, push car, big legos, and any ball they can throw.  Julie still loves Despicable Me and they all like Baby Einstein.  It keeps their attention for a while and helps in the car on long drives.  

Cruz, Kash & Julie still fight over toys or sometimes just because.  I take them to the gym day care almost everyday and one of the workers says, "Ummm... your boys have really starting fighting with each other.  They always want the toy the other one has."  Story of my life.  It doesn't matter how many toys you have, they always want the same one.  Julie usually keeps to herself, but today she bit Kash for the first time.  It was bad.  He was trying to take away the measuring tape she was playing with.  She bit him right on the side of his face and left a huge mark.  It was the saddest thing.    
 ::19 Months::
Her smile kills me. 

Trey LOVES the bath.  I can stick him in the sink while I clean up the kitchen, do dishes, unload the dishwasher, etc.  It's so nice.  Bath time with one baby is A LOT different than with three babies. 
Uncle Kenny's friend sent us 90 diapers from the Honest Company.  How nice is that?  They have the cutest little patterns on their diapers. 
Julie always climbs on Trey.  She loves getting in his carseat with him, bouncy seat, or even his swing.  He doesn't love it.  I don't know why.
 Learning how to give kisses. 
 Or maybe just lick each other. 
 I'm learning how to manage all four by myself. 
 Kash has to get as close as possible to Trey.  I thought he was going to hit him, but he just sat there and talked to him.  It was pretty cute. 

 I'm a tad bit proud of my laundry basket full of frozen breast milk.  For those of you who have ever pumped, you know how time consuming and fun it is.  We had to buy an extra fridge/freezer, which doesn't have much space left.  I'm hoping to breastfeed for at least 6 months, and then he'll get frozen milk until it runs out.  We'll see though. 

 The boys love to climb.  

 Trey loves sucking on his hands, especially his little chubby fingers.  I love it. 
Look at that pot belly.  He's just so yummy. 
::4 Months::


rachelopoly said...

The triplets should be rear-facing for at least 5 more months!

Jennifer T said...

You are such an amazing mom doing it all alone at times! As always, your kids are the cutest!

Jean said...

It's a personal decision. I flipped my baby around to forward facing at 10 months. He's been just fine! It's not always about age as much as height/weight!

Angelina said...

Your child has been just fine, because I imagine you haven't been in an accident, at which rate he would have been just fine to always be forward facing or using a carseat that didn't fit him properly. All kids are just fine until they are in an accident.
Height and weight are not good indicators because it has to do with development. Your ligaments and muscles(and their strength) develop by age, no matter how much you weigh or how tall you are. That is why the laws and recommendations specify age and weight. I do agree that it is a personal decision, but do recognize that there are legitimate reasons behind recommendations.

Jean said...
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rachelopoly said...

I have that car seat. You can rear-face until 45 pounds. Was your baby 45 pounds at 10 months? Imagine how guilty you would feel if you got in an accident and your child died because, even though you know better, you had them forward-facing? Know better, do better.

Alisa said...

I haven't looked at your blog since the triplets were newborns, and wow! They are so big! And double WOW!!! You had another KID?!?! on your own!?! Amazing!! Cheering for you guys and wishing I knew you in person!