Friday, November 7, 2014

October Update

October was a busy month.  We made a trip to Hollister the first weekend, went to Lancaster the second weekend, had my sister and her kids in town the third week, and Halloween activities the last week.  It's always good to break up the mundane, and then it's always nice to get back on track to your normal schedule.  
Cruz and Kash have become little bullies.  They don't realize how strong they are.  They get frustrated when they want the same toy, or whatever, and wrestle each other to the floor.  Sometimes it looks like they are hugging, but then one will start crying.  Julie tries to do her own thing, but they somehow still pick on her too.  
All three LOVE to be outside - especially Julie.  They can be fussing, fussing, fussing, and the second we go outside they are all smiles.  The bad thing is you can't really go outside unless you have another adult or two with you since they run in three different directions. 
18 months old!!  They are finally in nursery and doing pretty good.  Church is from 9-12, which is a hard time since they usually nap from 9-11am, but we just make it work.

Where's your nose? 

My favorite time of day.  Triplets are sleeping and I get to hang out with my little Trey Man for a couple hours before he goes down for the night. 

Seriously the happiest little stink.  My dad nicknamed him "Smiley". 
Cruz is on hold…with a remote control. 
3 months old! 
Julie's 1st popsicle.  

Pretty sure he liked it. 
Julie's hair is deceivingly long. 
Little ponytails haha :) 

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