Saturday, January 3, 2015

December Update

December has been a pretty great month.  Getting ready for Christmas is always a little stressful.  I definitely look forward to all our little friend parties along the way though.  And this year they did not disappoint.  We have made some amazing friends here in Clovis.  I thought it was going to be impossible to meet friends when you move to a new city with three little newborns, but the people in Clovis have welcomed us with open arms - especially the Parker family.  Heavenly Father definitely answered my prayers by giving me some of the best girlfriends out here.  
 We finally bought a Christmas tree, but decided to hold off on the ornaments this year.  We knew they would be broken in two seconds flat. 

 My cute little trio. 
 Going to see Christmas lights.

 My friend Jana hosts a "Favorite Things" party.  We all bring our favorite thing of 2014 and do a gift exchange. It is such a fun night!!  This year we all came in our PJs. 
 They LOVE the lights. 
 My friend Jen hosts the best Christmas party ever.  From the food, to the decorations, to the was a blast.   This year the theme was Old Hollywood.  It was fun to see what other people came up with.

 My little guy snug as a bug in a rug.
Cruz stuck in the bottom of Trey's stroller. 
I got together with some girlfriends to wrap Christmas presents.  Who wants to wrap Christmas presents alone?  We got to have a much needed girls night, and concur the task of wrapping all our gifts.  Win win in my book.  Definitely a new tradition! 
I dyed my hair dark.  Well, darker than normal.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.  I feel like I need to either go darker or lighter.  It's kind of an in between color.  
When one person gets sick in this house, we all get sick.  It started with Kash, then Cruz, then Julie, and finally Curtis and me.  Trey was the only one who didn't really get it.  He had major blow-outs but still was as happy as ever.  The other three were SO incredibly fussy, throwing up, fever, the works.  It was awesome. Ugh.  I HATE throwing up.  There should be a rule that moms never get sick.  I was completely useless for 24 hours.  It was miserable.  I'm glad we got it out before we headed to Hollister for Christmas though. 

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Nicole said...

that photo of the babies in front of the tree is so so cute! christmas memories are the best, right?!