Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trey Six Months Old

Weight - 21 lb 8 oz (96th percentile)
Height - 28.75 in (99th percentile) 
Clothes - 6-12 and 12-18 month
Diaper Size - Still in size 3 until I run out, then will go to size 4. 

This little stinker is still the happiest guy.  I swear it is such a blessing.  Heavenly Father knew I could only handle another baby if he was exactly like Trey.  He is such a rewarding baby.  If you just look his way his whole entire face lights up with this huge smile.  I'm not exaggerating.  He smiles ALL. DAY. LONG.  It's crazy.  I thought Julie was a smiley baby (compared to Cruz & Kash), but Trey definitely takes the cake on this one.  I've never seen anything like it. 

He still sleeps 9pm-9am like a champ (which is another huge blessing).  He eats every three hours during the day (usually around 7oz) and gets an 8oz bottle before bed.  He still loves to be swaddled, but he breaks out sometime in the middle of the night because he's always unswaddled when he wakes up in the morning.  He won't take a binkie (even though we keep offering it to him).  He just thinks it's a chew toy.  He broke his first tooth on the bottom L (Jan 17).  You can tell the other bottom tooth is trying to break through as well.  Trey's hair is starting to get a little body to it.  It's still pretty straight, but when I put lotion in it, it starts to curl a little. 

Trey loves his exersaucer, bouncy seat, bumbo, and johnny jumper thing.  He rotates between all of them while he's awake.  He has started grabbing things and love to chew on this squishy dinosaur.  He also loves his carseat.  He gets a little fussy from 7:30-8:30, so sometimes we'll take a trip to the store and he's as happy as can be.  Or I'll give him a bath and he just plays with the running water.  We are SO lucky to have this sweet little guy. 


Thandi said...

So cute!

Jennifer T said...

He is so sweet and perfect! How fun!