Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trey's Nursery

I forgot to post pictures of Trey's nursery.  It seems like there is always a baby sleeping in his room (Cruz naps in Trey's room in a pack-n-play, but Trey sleeps there in his crib at night).  It's simple, but cute.  You can view the triplets nursery here
The canvas prints are from Costco.  
The Crib is the Babyletto Hudson from Target.  We have the same ones for Cruz, Kash, & Julie.  Which means we have FOUR of the exact same cribs under one roof.  Haha..  They convert into toddler beds, which is nice.  
The bumper and sheet are from Pottery Barn.  I actually like it without a bumper - but Trey loves to push himself in the corner and bumps his head against the railing and cries - so I put the bumper back on. 
I got the idea to paint one stripe orange on Pinterest (of course).  I helped tape, but Curtis did most of the painting. 

The shelves are from Ikea. 
 The South Shore Fusion Horizontal Dresser is from Target as well.  It's kind of cheap, but it works. 
I need to add a few a picture of his 18 week ultrasound, but I haven't got around to it yet. 

We ordered another print from Pitter.Patter.Print. off Etsy.  You just send her your newborn footprints taken in the hospital and all your baby's info and she makes the print for you.  I love it! She made one for the triplets here


Amanda said...

Such a cute nursery! I did notice the Clap your hands sign has "you're" instead of "your"...just the wrong one!

Brown Family! said...

That's hilarious! Haha... I'm so glad you pointed that out. I hate when people spell your wrong...and then I go and do it. Haha.. Thanks!