Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Update

January has been one of the hardest months in my entire parenting career haha..  Seriously.  Harder than bringing home three newborns and waking up every two-three hours to feed them.  It started off on December 31st when Cruz got sick.  He woke up in the middle of the night with a fever.  We gave him Tylenol and put him back to bed.  The next morning he was SO fussy and just wanted to be held all day.  You could tell he didn't feel well and probably had body aches because he just never seemed comfortable or happy, even when he was held.  He got a really bad cough too.  He would just fuss and cry.  He wouldn't eat anything all day.  I was so grateful Curtis was still home on vacation and could help me out.  Then a couple days later it hit Julie and Kash also.  Holy hell!  It was miserable.  They were extremely fussy babies who all wanted my attention and wanted to be held, but even when they were held they were fussy.  I couldn't get them to eat anything at all.  They would drink a little water or gatorade and maybe eat a few crackers.  Oh my gosh.  I can't even put into words how hard the next ten days were.  From the moment they woke up until the moment they went to sleep they were crying and fussing and wanted me or Curtis.  Trey got sick too, but he was still pretty happy.  He just got a bad cough and stuffed nose which caused him to have trouble breathing at night.  I couldn't get anything done.  My house looked like a tornado had come through.  My mind was going crazy from hearing crying and whining ALL day long.  I couldn't go anywhere.  I was used to going to the gym everyday and putting the kids in daycare, but I couldn't bring the sickness anywhere else.  I swear on the next 24 series - Jack Bauer is going to torture some criminal with sick triplets fussing and crying all day.  It was horrible.  I took them to the Dr. and he thought it was a virus that would just run it's course.  He said it could have been the real Influenza (we got the flu shot, but I guess it didn't work this year) but there was no use testing for it since there's no treatment besides managing the symptoms with Tylenol or Motrin.  Oh man.  They are finally back to their normal selves!!   Thank goodness.  

This month I have also started to transition the triplets to one nap.  While they were sick they DEFINITELY needed two naps a day, but once they got over it they were struggling with that second nap.  They would sleep 9:20-11:20am (or later) great, but then when I tried to put them back down from 2-4pm some days they would sleep well and other days they would fight it.  I knew it was time, but it has been a hard transition.  My goal was 12-3pm, but trying to keep them up to 12 was impossible.  They would get fussy right around 10am every day, and then when I would put them down at noon they would only sleep an hour or two and then wake up cranky.  Their bodies were trying to get used to this new change.  Some days I felt like they needed two, so I'd let them, but then it would back fire with only one or two sleeping.  It was so hard.  One day Julie would be extra tired, then the next day it was Cruz.  They were on different schedules and it was killing me.  I needed to just bite the bullet and switch to one nap cold turkey for them all.  It's been a couple weeks now and I think they are starting to get used to it.  
 She LOVES being outside all day everyday.  I'm so grateful for the semi-warm weather out here in CA.
 Kush came over and tried to give Trey his book...
 then gave him hugs...
 and kisses...  It was the sweetest thing.

 Cruz wanted to join in on the hugging party.  One minute they are hugging and kisses Trey, and the next minute they are slapping his face. I have to always be close by. 

 Happiest little stink. 

 My bathroom buddies. 
 She's a little obsessed with Frozen!  It's her new fav. 
 Cruz is one hilarious dude.  He thought he was so funny. 
 Two little teefers popping through. 
 Snuggle time.
 I can't believe I have a 6 month old.
 Look at that bum.  Pretty much the cutest thing!
 More snuggles from Kash.
 And kisses.
 Of course Cruz has to join in. 
 They are too much. 

 It's been SO foggy here.  Ca-razy! I finally understand what all the fuss was about the Tule Fog. 
She was so proud of herself.  Got every last bit off the roll.  Haha.. 


Jennifer T said...

You are super mom for sure! Thank goodness January is over!

The Dabo's said...

I hate this post! I wish you lived here so I could take a couple kids off your hands when it gets hard!!!!

Ashley and Tyson said...

I felt terrible reading this. Sounds like total torture!! We were out of town all of January, but you better call me next time! I know an awesome cleaning lady I can send over and we could always trade houses for a few hours to give you a break from the whining and crying. My kids nap lately from about 2-4pm. So, I can head over any day during that time. Also, the kids would love to come over and rummage through the playhouse sometime!! We have all kinds of fun toddler things on our patio(pretty much toddler proof from having preschool, too).