Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trey Eight Months Old

Clothes - 12 month onesies, 18 month jammies, 12-18 month clothes
Diapers - Size 4

My little Trey Man LOVES his blanket.  He grabs a handful and stuffs it in his mouth to suck on.  It's the cutest thing.  He does it a lot more when he's tired.  Trey now has 4 teeth!  He got his top R March 7th and top L Match 9th.  He hates all baby food.  It's so funny.  He gags on anything and everything.  I tried giving him 1/4 of a little yogurt bite and he gagged and threw up everywhere.  I officially stopped pumping/breast feeding this past month.  My freezer full of breastmilk already ran out.  I guess when Trey drinks five 7-8oz bottles a day it goes by fast.  So he is now on formula and seems to be eating less than when it was breastmilk.  I hope he doesn't lose his chub.  I LOVE his rolls. 

Trey got sick this past month.  He seemed to have a little stomach bug.  I definitely take for granted what an amazingly happy baby I have.  He was SO much more fussy/needy for a few days and it was crazy hard since the triplets require so much attention too.  I'm so glad I have my happy easy going baby back! 

Trey loves his bumbo.  He loves to watch me do dishes or cook dinner.  I never really used them with the triplets, except to take pictures in.  Trey is starting to get up on his knees and rock back and forth. I bet he'll start crawling this month.  Right now he just rolls all over to get what he wants.  Trey loves to be outside and go for walks.  It's been perfect weather out here!  Hopefully he loves the pool as much as the triplets did - cause that's where we'll be all summer!  I can't imagine our lives without this little guy!

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Alice Anne said...

I have NEVER seen such a smiley happy baby! He just tickles my heart!!