Thursday, April 30, 2015

TWO Years Old

Weight - 29lb 8oz
Height - 35in
Clothes - 2T and some 3T shirts.  He can still fit into 18 month shorts.
Diaper Size - 4's during the day and 5's at night
Shoes - Size 7
Cruz is my little wild thing.  He's full of energy and has this little outgoing personality.  He so rough and tough.  He's either climbing on top of the couch, throwing something at your head, or giving you kisses.  He's hilarious.  He has started to get attached to his blanket.  The moment he touches it he sticks his ring finger in his mouth and starts sucking away.  Cruz loves push toys - his favorite is this little tractor that he can push around outside.  He also loves to throw balls and play catch.  

Cruz and Kash have started copying a lot and can mimic some words that we say...more, baby, Julie, mama, dada, bubble, thank you, car, buh bye, purple, one two three, ready set go, poo poo...and a few others.  We are having all three evaluated by speech therapy soon, which I'm super excited about.  I feel like if they could communicate better they'd whine less.  Right now, whenever they want something they just whine for it, rather than saying what they want.  If they want to be held, they whine...if they want to go outside, they whine...if they want me or Curtis, they whine.  They don't even call us mommy and daddy.  They can say mama and dada, but it's not directed towards us.  If you ask "Where's mommy?" they will point to me, but they don't call me mommy.  Hopefully they qualify for speech therapy and thrive there. 

Cruz and Kash's favorite foods right now are breakfast foods - french toast, pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, cheese, peanut butter - and he loves most fruit -strawberries, pears, bananas.  Some days they love a certain food and than other days they won't touch it.  I'm sure most toddlers are this way.  

Cruz and Kash have the cutest little relationship.  They'll give hugs and kisses and tackle each other to the floor.  When I take one out of their cribs in the morning they scream if I don't have the other one in my arms too.  They are identical through and through.  It's crazy.  It's so fun to watch them grow up and have such a special bond.  

Weight - 28lb
Height - 35in
Clothes - 2T and some 3T shirts.  He can still fit into 18 month shorts.
Diaper Size - 4's during the day and 5's at night
Shoes - Size 7
Kash is a little more tender hearted, but he's still rough and tough too.  He loves to give Trey hugs and kisses but also loves to smack him on the head.  He has the cutest little laugh and is so ticklish.  He loves to be outside and throw the ball to Tyson.  Kash also loves push toys - especially his tractor and Julie's stroller.  His new favorite toy is this police car that lights up and makes noise.  He wants to take it everywhere he goes and even tried to take it to bed with him (but I vetoed that real quick).  He also sucks his ring finger when he has his blanket with him. 

Kash loves books.  He'll go grab one off the shelf and run over to you, then back up into your lap so you'll read to him.  It's my favorite thing.  He is so dang smart.  He catches on to things so quick.  He loves this shape sorter toy and matching shapes to their certain colors. 

Weight - 29lb
Height - 34.5in
Clothes - 2T and some 3T shirts.
Diaper Size - 4's during the day and 5's at night
Shoes - Size 6
Julie is so independent.  She likes to play away from the boys and not be bugged.  She LOVES to be outside and play in the dirt and rocks.  She is my little movie watcher and loves Frozen, Despicable Me, and Rio.  They boys could care less if the TV is on.  I took Julie to see Cinderella and Home and she did amazing.  As long as she had her popcorn and her drink she was good to go.  Julie still loves her little rag and sucks her thumb when she has it.  I leave it in her crib so she only has it when she sleeps.  Sometimes I'll take it in the car if we are going for a long drive.  Julie is the best in the car (probably because there is a movie playing and she has her rag).  

Julie is by far my best eater.  She'll eat anything and never spits it out.  She's more of a savory eater over sweets.  Julie and Kash are obsessed with these Poke-A-Dot books I got at Costco.  She's a little behind the boys on talking.  She only says one...two...three!, thank-you, baby, bubble, more, jumpy jumpy, mama, dada, buh bye. 

It's crazy how BOY the boys are and how GIRL Julie is.  She's so dainty and never really picks up a ball and throws it (which I hope changes over time, but we'll see).  She skips around the house and is never rough and tough with the boys.  She never hits them like they hit her.  Although she will randomly pull their hair or hold on to their arm really tight - which they hate.  Julie loves her play kitchen.  They boys love it too, but they are usually over there slamming the cabinets open and closed and banging the pots against the sides.  So funny. 


Had to include one of Trey  :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Trey Nine Months Old

Weight - 23 lb 10 oz (96th percentile)
Height - 31 in (off the charts)
Clothes - 18 month, some 12-18 month
Diapers - Size 4 

Little man is still the happiest kid ever.  I don't get it.  I thought I had happy/smiley kids until I had Trey.  He's outrageous.  My absolute favorite thing is getting Trey out of his crib in the morning.  I can see that he's awake on the video monitor and the second I open his door I can hear him laughing and snorting.  He rolls over and arches his back in excitement until I go grab him.  Oh my gosh.  It's the cutest thing.  When I bring him downstairs he looks around for his siblings (or maybe his bottle) I can't really tell, but he's excited about something.  

Trey hates baby food.  He's the hardest kid to feed.  He turns his head and won't open his mouth.  They only way I can get the spoon in is to make him laugh and then pop the spoon in as fast as I can.  He gags like crazy on the tiniest morsel of food.  He can't even eat those puffs or yogurt bites yet.  Haha..  Oh well.  I'm sure it'll come in the next couple months.  For now he just drinks his bottle 4 times a day (every 4 hours).

Trey sleeps 8:30pm-8:30am and naps twice a day (10:30am-12:30pm and 2:30pm-4:45pm).  He used to take a little catnap around 6, but not any more.  I tried to take him upstairs to his crib around that time and he would just cry and cry and not want to go down, so I just let him stay up now.  It's crazy how he knows it's not nap time.  He goes down SO easy at 10:30am and 2:30pm, but then wants to stay up until 8:30pm.  

Trey is still obsessed with his blanket.  He shoves it in his mouth and just sucks away.  It's so funny.  He also loves the bath and being outside or going for walks.  He also loves to be on the trampoline while his siblings jump and bounce around.  Trey finally learned how to sit up and can crawl around now.  He can get to pretty much any toy he wants, which is great.  Trey's favorite toys are the Sophie giraffe and anything he can chew on that makes noise.  He has almost 7 teeth!! He broke the top L (#5) on April 5th and the top R (#6) on April 21. The bottom L (#7) is making it's way out too.   He is just the best little kid ever.  We love him.  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Easter 2015

This year we spent Easter up in Hollister with my parents, my sister Stephanie and her kids, and my brother Mitch and his family.  Curtis had to fly out Sunday night and travel all the next week for work, so it was great to be with family while he was away.  Curtis' parents were also in town Sunday morning since they came up Saturday for the triplets birthday as well.  It was great having them there too!  They stayed for the Easter Egg Hunt and then traveled home.  
 Dyeing eggs with their bestie Tyler.
 Easter baskets

 Cousins and their Easter baskets.
Mmmm... (don't mind the bedhead). 
 Grandma & Grandpa Brown 
 The sweetest.

 On the hunt.


Mitch, Stephanie, Baba, me, and John 

 Another Easter Egg Hunt at Jenna's house. 

Sharing with Cruz 

 Julie would rather swing...
 Kash would rather ride...
 And Cruz too.  They could care less about all the eggs. 

 Baba celebrated her 95th birthday - the same day as Cruz, Kash & Julie!

My sister and I bought the same Easter dresses for our daughters.  What are the chances!  
 Julie having a melt down.
Trey & Grandpa