Saturday, April 25, 2015

Easter 2015

This year we spent Easter up in Hollister with my parents, my sister Stephanie and her kids, and my brother Mitch and his family.  Curtis had to fly out Sunday night and travel all the next week for work, so it was great to be with family while he was away.  Curtis' parents were also in town Sunday morning since they came up Saturday for the triplets birthday as well.  It was great having them there too!  They stayed for the Easter Egg Hunt and then traveled home.  
 Dyeing eggs with their bestie Tyler.
 Easter baskets

 Cousins and their Easter baskets.
Mmmm... (don't mind the bedhead). 
 Grandma & Grandpa Brown 
 The sweetest.

 On the hunt.


Mitch, Stephanie, Baba, me, and John 

 Another Easter Egg Hunt at Jenna's house. 

Sharing with Cruz 

 Julie would rather swing...
 Kash would rather ride...
 And Cruz too.  They could care less about all the eggs. 

 Baba celebrated her 95th birthday - the same day as Cruz, Kash & Julie!

My sister and I bought the same Easter dresses for our daughters.  What are the chances!  
 Julie having a melt down.
Trey & Grandpa

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