Friday, April 10, 2015

March Update

Cute little stink.

This boy and his blanket.  Too much. 

Look at that bum!
I dyed my hair dark! And then took an awkward selfie. 
My little curly headed kids.

Out for a stroll.
She still loves her little blanket. 
Poor Trey Man got sick last month.  Saddest thing ever. 
Their hair is AMAZING.

Best buds.

We had a girls night out with a few of my friends and our daughters.  We all went out to dinner and then saw Cinderella.  I never thought Julie would last through the whole movie, but she was a champ!  She just sat on my lap and ate her popcorn.  I love having one on one time whenever I can.  

Love his baby boobies.  He loves to play with the water. 
Risky business over here...
Finally semi-sitting up.  My kids are late bloomers in that department. 
He's seriously too much. 
If I don't lay out all my kids clothes and shoes the night before they would never get dressed.  Ever. 
My friend Jill and I celebrated our 30th birthday together with some girlfriends.  We are 4 days apart!  I don't know how - but I totally hit the jackpot in the girlfriend department here in Clovis.  Seriously - we have the best group of friends.  They are all so fun!  We stayed up 'til 2am laughing and talking the night away.  
I told my friend Janessa I was trying to eat less sugar - and then she goes and does something like this.  Haha.  I can't resist a good fruity candy! 
 New haircuts for Kash & Cruz! 
 Love my little cuddle bug.
I was having a rough day with my trio - non-stop whining.  So I strapped them into their carseats, put on Despicable Me, handed them string cheese and crackers, and called it lunch.  They loved it.  Some times you just gotta do what you gotta do right?! I had to bust out my camera and document it, because then it becomes funny and not as stressful. 

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