Saturday, April 18, 2015

Triplets Turn TWO

I can't believe my babies are TWO!  We decided to celebrate their birthday the weekend before (Easter weekend) since Curtis was going to be out of town on their actual birthday.  It ended up being perfect since my sister and brother were going to be in town for Easter anyways.  Curtis' parents made the trip up to Hollister which was great too!  We started out the day by going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It was a little hard because the aquarium isn't really wagon friendly.  So we had to get them out and let them walk around - which is super hard when you're out numbered.  We needed an extra set of hands for sure.  Next time we go we'll be better prepared :)  Later that day we had a little party with pizza, cake and ice cream.  We kept it low key.

 13 kids - 5 adults.  Outnumbered!

 Grandpa & Cruz

 My little superhero.
 My best friend Jen and her cute son Tyler. 
 My brother Mitch & his family.

 They weren't in the mood for pictures. Except Trey. :)
 I think they'll get their own cake for years to come (or at least their own cupcake).  Who wants to share birthday candles all the time?

 Julie was so funny.  She didn't want to touch the cake and would only eat it if someone fed her. 


Josie said...

Can't believe those three miracles are two!!!

Paige said...

What amazing babies. Happy birthday to them! 2 was my FAVORITE joke. They are so precious!