Sunday, May 24, 2015

Trey Ten Months Old

Clothes - 12-18 month and 18-24 month
Diapers - Size 4

Trey Man is such an amazing little guy.  He's so easy going and happy ALL the time.  I'm so thankful I got him as baby #4.  I would be in the looney bin if he wasn't such a good baby.  He has started to snort when he laughs hard which is hilarious.  He loves the swings at the park.  He squeals and kicks his legs when he sees them.  Trey still loves his blanket - especially when he's tired.  He stuffs a huge part of it in his mouth and sucks on it.  Trey crawls all over the place and has started to pull himself up on furniture a bit.  The triplets love to bring tanbark and tiny rocks in from outside.  Trey can crawl over in two seconds flat and puts them right in his mouth.  I've become a little paranoid about it because I think he's going to choke so I'm constantly scanning the floor for any tiny pieces.

Trey is finally good at eating baby food.  He used to gag on everything but now he seems to like it all.  He loves those puffs and yogurt bites too.  He now has 8 teeth!  I've never really notice any problems with teething or anything.  He really is so easy going though.  For instance - our whole family got sick a few weeks ago.  It was like a 24 hour bug that had us all throwing up and miserable.  Trey's the type of baby who will throw up in the middle of the night and never cry for you to clean him up.  I got him out of his crib in the morning and noticed he was covered in vomit.  Poor little guy.  Or he'll poop through in the middle of the night and never cry.  In the morning he's happy as ever covered in poop.  It's crazy.  I couldn't ask for a better baby.

Kash and Cruz have become a little protective of Trey (especially Kash).  We were at a friends house for dinner and her 18 month baby girl kept walking over to Trey and pinching his cheeks. Trey was getting a little frustrated and started crying.  Kash runs over to Trey and gives him this big hug and tried to protect him from the little girl - then points to the girl as says "no no!"  It was the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen.  My heart was about to explode.  I wish I had it on video.  We just live this little stinker.

I took 37 pictures in a row of Trey and they ALL had this huge cheeser grin.

Friday, May 1, 2015

April Update

April started out with a trip to Hollister for Easter and to celebrate Cruz, Kash, and Julie's birthday!  Curtis had to travel 2 out of 4 weeks this month, so that was rough - but luckily my mom could help me out.  He has to travel the same amount next month too, dang-it.  My mom recently had shoulder surgery - so she'll be out of commission for a few months (tear). But we'll figure it out.  My sister also came to town this past month, which was so fun!
We took the Costco carts to Winco.  :)  The only way to shop!
Cruz wants to help me pick up Tyson's "poo poo".  He'll go and grab pieces of tan bark with his baggy.  It's so funny. 

Two of our friends got Cruz, Kash & Julie these bike trailers for their birthdays.  We LOVE them!!!  

When you have triplets - you RARELY have a kid fall asleep on you.  You train your kids form the very beginning to fall asleep on their own in their cribs.  So when it does happen you soak it ALLLL in. 
He's getting addicted to his blanket and sucking his finger.  I try and keep the blankets in their cribs and only for night time, but occasionally I let them bring them downstairs after their naps for a few minutes, then put them back in their cribs.  I don't want them dragging them all over the house, or in the backyard, or bringing them out to Costco...
Aunt Jamie got the trio a trampoline for their birthday.  They LOVE it!!  Trey loves it too.  They bounce him around and he laughs and laughs.  

Every once in a while I let them go at it and get mac n' cheese everywhere!!  All over the chairs, the floor, their bodies, their hair, the floor... So fun.  Not. 

Feeding the ducks.
Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Movie theater - Home. 
I ran my first 5K pulling these three behind me.  It really wasn't that bad.  The hardest part was the beginning trying to weave through the slower people and find my pace.  

I ran most of it with my friend Angie while she pushed her double stroller.
Love these girls!  
Her cute little pony tail. It reminds me of the top of a Christmas present.  :)
Giving hugs. 
Teaching Cruz how to say "cheese".