Monday, June 1, 2015

May Update

May has been a crazy month.  Our house was hit HARD with sickness.  It started out on Mother's Day with Cruz and Curtis.  They both threw up several times.   Curtis was knocked out for a good 24 hours.  Then it spread to Kash, and last but not least Julie, Trey and me!  Ugh.  The worst.  It really affected me and Curtis the worst.  We were in bed for a full day.  The kids would throw up and just be a little extra fussy and cuddly.  Trey threw up in the middle of the night but never even cried for us to clean him up.  He just woke up covered in dry vomit.  Poor guy!  I'm SO glad that it's over.  

Curtis was out of town for a week last month.  I spent half the week in Clovis by myself, then headed to Hollister for the last half of the week with all the kiddos.  I got to be there when my cousin Arielle left on her mission to Florida.  She did AMAZING in her farewell talk!  Holy testimony!  She's going to be great.  At the end of the month Uncle Kenny came to visit for a couple days.  It was so nice having him here.  My kids adore him!
 Julie's hair is getting long.  I actually took her to get a haircut since it's so uneven in the back, but the lady told me not to cut it yet since she's still losing her baby hair or something.  I asked her for some tips and tricks to manage her hair but she said keep doing whatever I'm already doing.  She said her hair felt great and wasn't dry like some other kids she has seen.  I've been learning how to manage her hair form different moms of mixed kids on Instagram.  She still hates when I brush it, so some days it looks better than others.  :)  It's definitely WAY different than my hair, so I'm learning. 
 I sure love her curls! 
 I'm thinking they may need a bigger pool this year. 
 This kid LOVES his dog.
 Thank goodness Tyson is so amazing and lets Trey do whatever he wants. 
 Curtis wrote me a card from each kid this year.  It was so cute! 
Each of the trio came out of nursery holding a rose.  They were so excited to give it to me.  Precious!
 Mother's Day 2015
 Kash loves helping out - even if it only lasts 5 seconds.
 Practicing her kissy face.
 Lunch date with their bestie Tyler. 
 Pool trip.
I seriously LOVE this age!!
Woke up early from his nap, then decided to fall back a sleep for an hour.  I loved every minute of it.   
 My little ring finger suckers. 
 Holding his own bottle!  Huge milestone over here!  

 This is how we do breakfast in our house. 
 Trying to tire them out before nap time. 

 I have a slight obsession with white onesies.  My kids never go without - unless they're in swimsuits or Julie's in a dress (and then she has a diaper cover on).  I hate seeing diapers.  Like when a kid is just in shorts and a shirt and their shirt comes up and you see diaper.  Or a little girl is in a dress with no diaper cover.  Weird, I know.  I just hate it.  At least it prevents them from taking their diaper off and smearing poop everywhere or something.


Kathy said...

I LOVE your blog. I'm one of those stalkers and honestly can't remember when or how I found your blog, maybe via Facebook. Anyway, I get great joy reading about your adventures and seeing pictures of those adorable kids. I think right now my favorite is that little Trey - what a happy boy! I just sit here and smile while I look at all the pictures. Thanks for sharing your life with us! You are a wonderful mother.

Sara Brandon said...

Oh yes they do make bigger sizes! I just ordered a pack of 4T white gerber onesies from Amazon for my extremely large 2 year old!! They run small, but I thought it was funny that they even had size 4T. I love white onesies underneath clothes, too. I think it keeps them cleaner to always have the under layer of clothing.

Sara Brandon said...

The gerber 4T size fits my 30/35 lb son, by the way.

Brown Family! said...

Yay!! Good to know! Thanks Sara! I'll be ordering some soon. :)

Blake and Brandi Beck said...

I am also a lover of white onesies!!

Jennifer T said...

So glad you all survived being sick! Your family is the cutest!