Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trey's 1st Birthday Party - Baseball Theme

I can't believe my sweet baby is almost ONE!  This last year has flown by.  I still remember my water breaking at 6am and thinking I just peed the bed.  Less than 3 hours later I was hearing the most precious cry I have ever heard.  My birth story is found here

I decided to do a baseball themed party.  I saw a few ideas on Pinterest and just picked a few of my favorite things to recreate.
Found here.
I definitely wouldn't consider myself a crafty person, but I tried.  I think this is the second time I've used a glue gun.  :) I made the banner by copying this

I made a ton of faces - so I added another banner around the mantle.  Cute little stink.

Hot Dog on a Stick (Twinkies). 
MVP Nothing Bundt Cake 
Soda Pop

Outside fun!  We had a water slide, bounce house, blowup pool, water table, and a trampoline to keep the kids occupied.  It seemed to do the trick (minus the fact that the water slide popped at the end of the party).  :/
Julie & Summer
We sure do love this kid.  He's the perfect ending to our miracle babies. 
He's turing into such a mamas boy.

Yummy food.  My mom and dad came down the night before to help me prepare all the food.  Thank goodness for moms right?!  I couldn't have done it without her.
Watching Trey's birth story. 
Singing Happy Birthday. 
He was seriously so excited to have all the attention on him.  It was hilarious. 

I'm obsessed with his crossed fingers. 

Going to town.
This face kills me.

Best. Cake. Ever.  If you haven't tried Nothing Bundt Cake you are missing out.  YUM!
Curtis' family came out for Trey's big day.  It was so fun having them all there.  We stayed up late playing games, laughing until we couldn't breathe, with tears literally streaming down our faces.  It was such a fun ending to an absolute perfect day!  Thank you to all that came out and made it so special!  


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