Thursday, July 2, 2015

Welton Woods Family Reunion

We made a trip to Utah a week ago for a little family reunion.  I was having serious anxiety leading up to this trip.  Not only about the travel there and back, but just the whole trip in general with three two year olds and a 10 month old.  But WE SURVIVED.  It was a really fun trip (minus the travel part).  I decided to fly out to Utah with the boys while Curtis drove out with Julie.  She does AMAZING in the car so I knew it'd be an easy trip for them.  My dad flew out with me, which was great.  I had the whole plane trip planned out in my head, but it definitely didn't go like I thought it would.  My dad was a few rows behind me.  I was hoping my dad would take Cruz or Kash and I'd take the other boy and Trey, but as we were about to take off they made Cruz and Kash have seats while my dad held Trey (since he was technically the lap child and I paid for Cruz and Kash's seats). Totally lame.  So I had to put Kash in the carseat and Cruz in the seat next to me, which made Kash so mad because he saw his brother out of the car seat and just in a regular seat.  (The car seat was supposed to be for Trey).  I brought tons of snacks, sticker books, toys, etc... but they just wanted to get out of the plane.  Thank goodness it's only a 1.5 hour flight.  

My brother bought this 7 day cabin trip in Mt. Pleasant, Utah last year from a Make a Wish Foundation auction and decided to make a family reunion out of it.   It was such an amazing cabin!!  So huge and beautiful.  I mean, GORGEOUS!  It sleeps 50 people.  We went four wheeling, watched a movie at a drive-in theater, spent a couple days at the pool, roasted smores, celebrated Father's Day, and stayed up late making memories.  It was such a fun trip!  All the cousins played so well together.  I seriously have the best family.  :)  

Now...the drive home was BRUTAL.  I have no idea why I didn't just book a round trip for me and the boys.  Lesson learned.  I had heard from a few other triplet moms that they travel at night while their kids sleep.  They would actually put their kids down for the night, let them fall asleep, then wake them up - put them right into the car - and drive thru the night.  So we tried it.  It was the worst idea ever.  My kids do not sleep in the car.  EVER.  About 1.5 hours into the drive the screaming started on and off from Kash and Cruz.  They were so tired and just wanted to be in their beds sleeping.  We still had 10.5 hours to go!  TEN AND A HALF HOURS TO GO.  We were going to try and drive through the night if the kids were sleeping, but since there was no way that was going to happen we decided to stay the night in Vegas.  Well...little did we know that there was some huge event in Vegas over Father's Day weekend and EVERY hotel was booked.  Out of the thousands of hotels in Vegas there were NO rooms for a decent price!!  My brother (who left and 2 hours before us) tried 4 different hotels with no luck.  So we drove on to Primm while all the screaming and crying continued.  It's now 3am and everyone is still awake and MISERABLE.  Trey would fall asleep a few times, but then get woken up by someone else crying.  We got to Primm and there were NO ROOMS!!!  I was about to break down and cry.  My kids were SOOOO tired and just wanted to lay down and sleep.  I felt so bad for them.  I couldn't even break the law and get them out to hold them because the second I get Kash out Cruz would FREAK that I didn't get him out too.  So I just left them in their car seats screaming their heads off.  We kept driving to Baker (which has no hotels) and finally pulled into Barstow at 5am Utah time (4am CA time) and found a hotel.  We unpacked two pack-n-plays (the hotel had two), two sound machines and the necessities and finally fell asleep.  My kids are used to sleeping with black out blinds, so once the sun came up they all started to wake up.  So at 7:30-8am everyone was awake and SOOOO tired.  We still had another 4 hours left to drive.  Ugh!  I seriously can't believe how tired my kids were, yet they never fell asleep in the car.  It was seriously the WORST drive of my entire life.  I will NEVER do that EVER again!!  We pulled into Clovis around 12:30pm and they all went down for a MUCH needed nap.  My head was pounding.  I had so much to unpack and do, but I just put it all aside and took a nap with the kids.  I've never been more happy to be home in my own bed. 
First plane ride for Trey Man.  This pic was taken before take off.  They made him get out of the carseat and sit on my dads lap so Kash could sit in the seat.  If I would have known that, I never would have brought the carseat on the plane.  Oh well. 
 I felt so bad for the people around me.  I just tried not to make eye contact.  :) 
 My sister and I stopped by a few Parade of Homes.  This nursery almost made me want to have another kid.  Almost.  Haha..  I loved it! 
Before the cabin trip we were able to watch my nephews play in some baseball games.  Awesome!  I'm so glad we got to see them play.  
 View from the Welton Woods cabin.
 My kids LOVED the 4-wheelers!

 Kisses at Walmart.
 Celebrating Miss Esther's 4th birthday.  She's just the cutest little thing. 
Letting Olivia & Cody drive.  They were in 7th heaven. 
Pure joy!

 First time down a waterslide.  All three loved it.  Julie kept wanting to go over and over again.

 We attempted a group cousin picture, which failed miserably. 

Tired baby!
 Played hard at the pool!  He actually fell asleep on the way home for about 3 minutes, until one of his brothers started screaming for some reason and woke him up.  Poor guy. 

 We had to stop by BYU and visit Coach Mendenhall. 
The boys roasting smores.  My older kids were already in bed.

Kissing lizards. 
Making a trip to the gas station for a Diet Coke and candy! 
Celebrating Father's Day early.  This man is such a great daddy.  He works so hard all day and comes home ready to help me out.  We just adore him!

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