Sunday, August 9, 2015

July Update

Random fact - we go through about 20 diapers a day in our house now.  Sometimes more if they randomly poop after they get changed.  That's 600 diapers a month and over 7,300 diapers a year! The triplets have been doing this thing where we change them before bed, then they decide to poop while in their crib and scream until we come change them.  I swear they do it on purpose. ;)

27 months is a HARD age for me.  They aren't really talking very well yet and just whine for everything.'s exhausting. I seem to be on edge ALL day long from the constant whining.  If it's not one kid it's another - so when I say all day long, I mean ALL day long.  Kash is probably the worst right now and Cruz is a close second place.  I seriously don't know what to do.  We introduced time out a few weeks ago - so when they whine for a bit I put them in time out for a minute or two while they scream their heads off.  Then when I go get them I ask, "Do you want to be happy?"  They say "happy" and stop whining...then 5 minuted later they are screaming again.  I finally get one happy and then the next one starts having a meltdown.  ANY SUGGESTIONS???  It's crazy when they are one on one - like if Kash wakes up early from his nap and it's just me and him - he's awesome.  He gets all the attention and helps me make dinner or something.  Once another kid wakes up they start fighting over me or just whine for no reason at all.  I'm DYING over here!!  Julie throws little tantrums here and there, but that is completely manageable (and normal for a two year old), but the boys (especially Kash) are just little whiner butts.  

We had the triplets evaluated for speech therapy a couple weeks ago.  Cruz and Kash didn't qualify.  :(  I'm totally disappointed.  They are below average, but not low enough.  I really think they would have done so well and completely taken off in the speech department if they had one on one therapy sessions.  Dang it!  Julie qualified though.  She's definitely behind (about a year behind normal).  The boys know pretty much all their body parts and can name over ten different animals.  Julie doesn't even know where her eyes are. Haha..  If you ask the boys to go get their shoes or a diaper they'll go get it for you.  Julie just stands there and acts like she has no idea what you are talking about.  The boys repeat almost everything I say and are learning new words every week, but Julie is a little more stubborn and doesn't really seem to get it.  There's a SIX MONTH waiting list though.  So that sucks.  I'm trying to get her into a different place where hopefully she can start right away.  

Trey is a little busy body.  He loves to be on the floor crawling around and standing up on anything he can get his chubby little hands on.  Church is outrageous with this one.  He can't stand just sitting on your lap and wants to get down the second you sit down.  I forget that we had three of him at one time!  How did we even do that??  So funny how quickly you forget.  Trey is still a happy little guy though.  He definitely has that stranger danger thing going on and doesn't really like to be held by someone he doesn't know.  

They love going for bike rides.
 That time I spilt hot wax all over the carpet.  Ugh.  With 4 kids 2 and under - and I'm the one who makes the biggest mess.

 CLEAN carpets!  Somehow the carpet guy worked his magic and got the wax out. 
 OBSESSED with car rides at the mall.
 He thinks he's a big kid.
 LOVES the water!
 We started off the 4th of July with a 4 mile Freedom run.  So fun!  My goal was to get under 40 minutes and I ended up running it in under 32 minutes.  I think my average mile was 7:50.  My competitive edge came out and I had to pass the person in front of me.  It was fun!  I think I want to do a half marathon before the year is over. 

 These two are going to be the best of friends.  
 Baby got back. Definitely takes after his daddy in this department. 
 Trying to drink their first soda.

 Love his cleave.

 I was having a rough day with my kiddos and came across this.  I literally laughed out loud. 
My mom took these two home with her for a couple days.  It was so weird having only two kids at home.  We took full advantage of our time together and went to the splash pad, pool, movies, and out to lunch.  Things I could never do by myself with four kids.  It was so much fun and a great little break.  Thanks goodness for moms right?! 
 Kash was the lucky one that got to stay behind with me and Trey. 
 His first movie!  Inside Out.  Cutest movie!!  He did so good. 
 This is his cheese face during our bathroom break. 
 Little man loved his cake! Can't believe he's one.
We went and explored Lost Lake in Fresno.  The kids thought we were so cool when we let them go explore by themselves (without being strapped into a wagon) and dip their feet in the water.

Letting their duckies float in the water.

Sunday morning shenanigans. 


Paige said...

My daughter (she's 5 now) did speech around their age and I still remember a few of the activities we did. If you'd like me to email them to you please let me know!

Brown Family! said...

YES! That's be awesome. :) Thank you!!

Paige said...

I sent you the email :)

Tara Hendriksen said...

Oh Kim!! I read your blog this morning but didn't have time to reply back but have been thinking about you all day long- just because I've so been there!! Not x 3 though so I don't know how you're surviving!!! My 4 and 5 year olds have both been in speech for seceral years and my youngest who is 18 months, just qualified last month for speech so we definitely get the speech thing. My oldest, who is autistic, was an extremely difficult toddler since his speech delays were his biggest deficit. The thing that worked wonders for him and changed our whole family dynamic was when he learned sign language. That helped him express his needs until his speech caught up. We got Baby Signing Time videos and books and he just took off with it. Suddenly he had a way to communicate and I could literally just see the frustrating start to lessen day by day. I didn't know sign but learned right along with the boys and soon we were all signing words to help him. You could just start with basics like please, thank you, milk, juice, cereal, help me, I want, sorry. I think it really empowers these little guys because they are smarter than what we give them credit for. Plus all their needs are being met except their communication- that's why they are so frustrated and feel trapped in their own heads. I've come to notice a direct correlation between a decrease in tantrums and whining with an increase in communication skills. I just can't believe there's a six month waiting list though??? That's so crazy to me!! My three boys have each started services right away as soon as they qualified. You hate to waste precious time to work on speech so they are caught up by the time they start kindergarten. I'm convinced my oldest- who starts kindergarten next week- fits right in speech wise with his peers only because we started as soon as we noticed the deficit at 18 months and got help and started therapy right away. Maybe you could hire a private speech therapist to do all three while you wait for the waiting list to go down and see if the boys qualify as they get older and don't progress enough?? Expensive but it might be so worth it for your sanity, their happiness and overall development. Plus it's good for kids to learn structure and work on skills with licensed therapist who know what they are doing. Sorry to make this a novel but just thought I'd share a few things I've learned over the years in regards to speech because it's a lot bigger deal than people think because it effects this little guys' so much on a day to day basis- emotionally and mentally!! Let me know if you have any questions about things :) good luck!!

Bush Family said...

I've followed your story from the beginning and have loved watching your cuties get big. My daughter is around their age so it's fun to see how alike they are. I have twins (they are 11) so I know a little bit about raising multiples;) My little 2 year old has speech problems too. I totally agree with the comment above. We talked with our pediatrician and they got us a referral with head start and we started speech right away. We've recently found out she has apraxia and it will take a bit of work getting her to talk. But to help with the tantrums, whining and inability to communicate we've also been told sign language will help. Our therapist has also recommended the DVD "Baby Babble"- heard it's great. "Signing time" on Netflix is good too. There are apps for signing as well:) We've also started using flash cards to help her communicate what she wants. A lot of the whining is typical for toddlers but the inability to communicate just adds to it. I would definitely try to get help sooner. Hang in there, good luck!! Your an amazing momma and I love reading your blog- those little ones are just adorable!!!!

Bush Family said...

Hi sorry it isn't through head start- it's through Early Intervention. She just barely qualified but they were so awesome and said if she didn't they would find a way to make sure she did lol!! They have been amazing to work with:)