Saturday, August 22, 2015

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

We decided last minute to head to Hollister for the weekend.  Curtis stayed with us for a couple days, then headed back to Clovis to work.  I ended up staying almost a week with all the kiddos.  Trey has never been to the beach so we thought we'd head over to Santa Cruz for the afternoon.  The triplets LOVED riding the rides, although you'd never know by the look on their faces.  Haha...  They would just ride with this nonchalant look, then cry when we'd have to take them off.  It was so funny. 

Trey was obsessed with the sand.  He'd grab a handfuls at a time and smoosh it around..then of course he had to try and eat it.  The triplets were terrified of the FREEZING water at first, but started to warm up to it after a while.  

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