Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Update

I really can't believe what a roller coaster ride parenting triplets is.  One minute my stress level is a 10/10 and I feel like I'm entering the looney bin - and the next minute I'm melting with an overwhelming love for how freaking cute they are.  Some days I really don't know how we made it through in one piece and I'm counting down the minutes until Curtis gets home from work and other days they are such a joy and we have fun staying up past bedtime doing the "Watch Me" (Whip/Nae Nae) dance around the house.  I definitely struggle managing it all most days but I would never trade it for anything.  I love my kids more than I can express and I think it's healthy to recognize that it is HARD WORK!   
 The boys still suck their ring finger while sleeping or when they're tired. (They just woke up from a nap here in this picture).
We took a weekend trip up to Hollister last month and went to Gilroy Gardens.  My kids LOVED it.  It really is the cutest park geared more towards young kids.  If I lived closer I would definitely have a season pass. 
 How cute is Kash waving as he passed us by.

The trips started preschool a couple weeks ago.  So far they love it - and I love my little break with Trey.  Some days I get SO much done while they are gone and other days I do absolutely nothing at all and it feels great. (I love Julie's backpack haha).

 A pic I received from Curtis while I was at the gym with the triplets.  He said Trey was a little TIREd. :)  He's a crack up.
 This little toy right here wrecked havoc at the pool.  No joke.  I got the triplets in their swim diapers, put their swim suits on, got one toy for each of them to bring to the pool, packed a few snacks - and we headed out to the pool.  They were all playing in the kiddie pool and having fun when Julie found this stupid little toy in the drain.  They all immediately threw their toys and wanted this ONE.  It was ca-razy!  Fighting, screaming, crying, hair pulling, etc.  I almost pulled out my phone to record it, but everyone at the pool was starring, so I thought I should go intervene.  I tried taking the toy away and hiding it, but they weren't having it.  I tried to distract them and start playing with their other toys or give them snacks, but they were still screaming.  So we went home. 
They are OBSESSED with these little rides at the mall. 
Both of them with their little tongues sticking out. 
Sand should only be allowed at the beach.  

Stank face.
 Kash was going to give him a kiss, but then he saw his sandy mouth and said "Ew!" and walked away.  

 We gave Tyson a buzz cut to hopefully help with all his shedding. 
 Cutest little stink LOVES the bath. 

He's too much. 
 I just love his little body. 
The cause to my first grey hair.  And MANY more to come.  :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kisses From Julie

I realized lately I have the worst memory.  If I don't write things down or set reminders in my phone, then it doesn't happen.  I'll even go to the store for something, then completely forget it because I didn't write it on my list. 

I never want to forget the little things my kids do at this age.  It is seriously such a fun age (minus the whining). One thing Julie does that is the absolute cutest thing is give me goodnight kisses.  This past month we have separated the triplets at nighttime.  Cruz and Kash sleep in the same room in their bedroom and Julie sleeps in the guest bedroom in a pack n play.  She would stay up an hour or more after we would put them to bed and keep her brothers up, and then she would get upset when they would wake her up bright and early the next morning.  So now she gets to stay up and chat with herself in her own room and sleep in as long as she wants.  

Well, every night she'll just babble and talk to herself in her crib - lights off and sound machine on.  You can hear her cute little voice from outside the room.  One night she was babbling away two hours after we put her to bed.  I wanted to make sure she didn't poop so I went in to check on her.  I picked her up and she immediately laid her head on my shoulder, then two seconds later looked up at me and gave me a kiss.  I completely melted.  Then she laid her head back on my shoulder.  Two seconds later she looked up at me and gave me a kiss, then laid back on my shoulder.  She seriously did this twenty times.  It was THE CUTEST thing.  I didn't smell any poop so I laid her back in her crib, said I love you, and she went right to sleep.  I didn't hear a peep from her after that.

So now it's a tradition.  I'll put her to bed, then go put the boys to bed.  Ten minutes or so later I can hear her talking away to herself.  I'll go in and hold her for a minute or two - get 10 kisses - then put her back to bed.  She always does the same thing every night (unless she's super exhausted and goes right to sleep).  Her little giggle after every kiss is my favorite.  Oh I just love her.