Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Second Stitch To The Right

 A friend of a friend just opened a new Etsy shop called Second Stitch to the Right.  She makes the CUTEST baby joggers/leggings, blankets, crib sheets, and the most ADORABLE quilts.  She asked me if my kiddos would model for her and we gladly obliged.  I'm obsessed with all the pictures. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

September Photo Dump

I swear I was just writing about the month of August.  This past month has gone by so fast.  September has been full of trips to the zoo, play dates with friends and fun at preschool.  Julie, Cruz and Kash seem to be enjoying school - or at least they don't cry when I drop them off.  They get to color, play with kid scissors, and learn how to paint (which mostly ends up on their clothes or in their hair).  They are starting to learn their shapes and colors.  I absolutely LOVE seeing them learn new things.  

Julie has really grown in the past couple weeks.  When I point to things and say what it is, she'll try to repeat me.  This is HUGE.  She never did that in the past.  She will also repeat songs she hears on Dora.  I love it!  Julie started speech therapy last week.  A lady is going to start coming to our house once a week to work with her.  She also gets to attend a toddler group on Fridays to continue her speech development.  I was SO disappointed my boys didn't qualify.  I knew they would LOVE going to this class. Then the teacher called me and let me know that siblings are welcome to join Julie for the class.  I was TRILLED!  We went to our first class last week and they all loved it.  We sing songs, read books, work on our colors and shapes, and get a little snack at the end.  On the first day of class the teacher was working with Julie on her shapes.  She pointed to the circle and said "circle".  Then Julie repeated, "circle".  Then she pointed to the triangle and asked, "What is this?"  Julie mumbled something.  Then the teacher said, "Triangle".  And Julie repeated, "Triangle".  Then the teacher pointed to the octagon and asked, "What is this?"  And Julie said, "Oct-gon".  Are you kidding me?!? Hahaha..  We both almost fell off our chairs.  It was so funny.  Julie's face lit up and she started laughing with us.  I thought it was a fluke but later in the day I pointed to the octagon and asked her what it was and she said, "Oct-gon".  She is too much.  I'm so excited to see her grow and learn.  
Giraffes at the zoo. 
Car rides with their bestie. 
 We went to a friends gender reveal party.  We all wore blue thinking it was a boy, but it ended up being a GIRL!  We are so excited for Cara & John!

   Everyone needs a Trey in their life.
 They love the elephants. 

 Rite of passage - taking ALL the toilet paper off the roll. 
It was too quite...then I found them like this.  They thought they hit the jackpot.
 Out of all the toys in the house he HAD to bring the Elsa doll to the park.  "Elsa!  Elsa!"
 He's obsessed.  Too funny! 

   Our FHE was about missionary work.  They probably didn't understand one word we were saying, but they loved coloring pictures for our favorite missionary Sister Seamons and they LOVED their little name tags.  

 My little rock throwers. 

 Finding the perfect rock.

 Hugs with P.

 Kash is all puckered up and ready for his turn.  :)