Wednesday, November 4, 2015


October was such a fun month.  All things Halloween, hanging out with friends, and taking the littles trick-or-treating (by far my favorite).  The weather has started to cool down to perfect temperatures here.  We love going for bike rides around the neighborhood or to the park.  Cruz and Kash have mastered their little scooters.  They have gotten so good at steering and pedaling their little legs as fast as they'll go.  It's so cute.  
All three boys got sick this past month.  It started out with Cruz.  He got this weird eye infection which of course passed to Kash and Trey.  Somehow Julie was immune to it.  They all had to be on these eyedrops.  It spread to Trey's ears and he got his first ear infection (first one ever in our family). Poor guy!  I thought he was just teething or something because he was randomly waking up in the middle of the night (which is so unlike him).  The eye infections weren't totally going away so I took them back in and the Dr. found Trey's ear infection.  They all had to go on an antibiotic to finally get rid of everything.  They were all surprisingly pretty happy through it all. 
Kash is still obsessed with Julie's Elsa doll.  Too funny. 
Bike rides after nap.
Dog pile on Daddy at the trampoline park.
Big Big Big Fresno Fair!  The trips loved seeing all the animals. 

Sunday selfie with my Little Man. 

All ready for bed!  Don't they look tired? 
My Mom and I celebrating my Aunt & Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary in Hollister. 
Best. Parents. Ever. 
Me & my Dad.
There's always one that doesn't want their picture taken.  :)

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