Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I completely forgot to add a little November update.. We had a great Thanksgiving at our house.  My parents and Curtis' parents joined us.  It was my first time hosting Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness my mom was there to basically take over the cooking haha.  It all turned out perfect!  Here's a little rundown of our month.  
 The only stores I take my kids to by myself are Target and Costco.  I love these over sized carts with two spots in front for tiny humans.  
 We drove up to San Jose for the BYU vs San Jose State game.  It was fun to see a lot of Curtis' old coaches and familiar faces.  
 My bestie and parents joined us for the game as well.
We can't make a trip to Hollister without visiting Casa de Fruta.  My kids are obsessed with the train ride and love to go on it again and again.

Trey wasn't a huge fan of the carousel ride.
 Feeding the ducks.
 Our house was hit hard with a vomit bug.  Ugh.  The worst.  
This girl's hair is deceiving long!
Bedtime stories.
 Headed to the gym with my crew.
 Caught in the act about to hit his little brother..
 Bike rides.
 A costco trip isn't complete without seeing the huge bear this time of year.

 I love that we can still go for walks in CA without a jacket.  Best weather!
 Mastering their scooters. 
 I found Julie in the garage eating her apple.  She was hiding so her brothers wouldn't steal it from her haha..
 Not enough seats...
Chuck full.
 Julie's fake smile.

I try and feed the kids dinner before Curtis gets home from work.  Every night, right when he gets home, we load them all in the car and of somewhere.  Tonight was a car wash then the Chick-Fil-A play place.

 "Julie...don't touch the ornaments!"  I look back and see this. 
 Riding in style at Target. 
 A few pictures in our favorite picture spot.  :)
 Kash and his Elsa doll just cracks me up. 

 You can't really tell, but their shirts say BEST    FRIENDS     FOREVER     AND EVER.  I saw them and HAD to have them.  

 We LOVE our Freshly Picked mocs! 
Oh..little Trey is just the cutest. 

Yep, Kash about to hit Julie for no reason at all.
 Thanksgiving dinner! 
  Just the cutest freaking kiddos.  We timed dinner perfectly this year.  We all ate during their nap.  Right as I took my last bite I heard one of them crying.  It was great. 

  I sure love this little family of mine. 
 Julie and Grandma Brown
Such a great month! 

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