Monday, February 1, 2016


December photo dump.
Why do my kids like to play outside the play place better than inside? 
 This cart is a major lifesaver!  I drive around the Target parking lot until I find it.  If it's not outside, we don't go. 
Kash thought he was so funny sticking his gum in his nose.  Until he shoved it ways too far inside and it got stuck.  I told him to blow his nose, but he just sniffed it farther inside.  Thank goodness I could dig it out with a broken plastic fork piece lol. 

 Julie qualified for this little City Kids class - to help develop her speech.  They let all the siblings come too, which is a major plus for us.  They always have so much fun there.

 I asked my mom for her ugliest sweaters, and this is what she brought us.  :)  Our annual Christmas friends party was seriously so fun this year.  All the couples did a little lip sync battle that will go down in history as the funniest thing I've ever seen!  We lucked out with the best friends out here! 
 Our epic Santa fail pic!
 I asked Kash to give me his stank face...
 This boy is obsessed with Frozen! 
 Curtis and I were trying to hurry out the door and loading Trey and Julie in the car.  We walk back to get the boys and find comet EVERYWHERE!  Little stinkers.  At least it was pretty easy to clean up and left my bathroom even cleaner haha.. 
 Saturday mornings!  My boys are officially obsessed with trains. 
 My poor little Trey man got a BAD ear infection this month.  Poor guy was NOT himself.  I'm so glad we took him in prior to leaving for Palmdale.  He had to get a shot of antibiotics and also be on a 10 day course.  After a couple days he was finally his happy little self again. 

 Poor Trey!  I hate seeing him sick.  
Best. Friends. Forever. And Ever.
Cutest little buddies. 

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