Monday, March 21, 2016


Photo DUMP!

 This one of my kids favorite parks.  I love it because there is no sand  :) 
 I was at work and my mom was babysitting.  She couldn't find Julie anywhere.  So she went in my room and found her under the covers with Mr. Potato Head glasses on.  Oh Julie!  You crack me up! 
 Quick trip to Hollister for my cousins wedding.  We, of course, had to stop by Casa de Fruta again!

 This kid is too much. 

 Our failed attempt for a group pic.

 Late Valentine's date night. 
 Perfect day for a bike ride.
 Happy Valentine's Day!

 Playing Ring Around the Rosie.

 So much love between these three!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trip to Utah

I decided to take two of my kiddos (Julie & Trey) with me to Utah for my nephews baptisms.  I planned to get on the same flight as my parents for the extra help. We drove to Hollister the night before so we could carpool up to the airport the next morning.  We made it with plenty of time to spare...then our flight got delayed! We waited for six hours only to find out our flight was CANCELLED!!  What to do now?!  We all jumped in the car and decided to drive the 12 HOURS to Utah.  My kids hadn't napped all day.  And they don't sleep in the car, so I was a little worried about trying to drive through the night.  We pulled into a gas station to fill up on gas, food and drinks and then get rear ended!  No joke!  I swear the universe was telling us not to go.  Haha..  A few hours into our drive we get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.  It was seriously miserable.  We ended up stopping and trying to sleep in a hotel for a couple hours, which ended up being a total fail.  We finally pulled into Utah just in time for my parents to make a friends funeral.  It all ended up working out and my kids were beyond amazing the whole weekend.  They were EXHAUSTED, but did SOOO good.  The baptism went great and I'm so glad we were there! 
 Trying to kill time at the airport.
 This lasted 4 minutes.  Total. 
 10:30pm with no nap.  Funny kids. 
 Trey playing the prelude music. 
 My sweet nephews Jack & Kyle.

 Nursery was a bust.  

 The were obsessed with watching the luggage come out.