Monday, April 18, 2016

Easter 2016

We were so excited when we found out Tyler & Jamie were going to be coming out to CA for Easter!  We decided to celebrate in Clovis so my parents came out as well.  It was the perfect weekend!  This Easter was definitely the best one yet!  My kids were obsessed with finding all the eggs, especially when they figured out there was candy inside. 

 My kids were so excited to see their cousins! 
Opening Easter baskets - in Christmas jammies of course!
Kash & Esther
 Trey figuring out the whole egg thing. 


 Whenever Kash would find an egg, Julie would be disappointed, so he'd give it to her.  I about died.  The sweetest little boy! 

 Cruz & Esther

 After the Easter egg hunt was over, Julie found Olivia, Drew, Alex & Esthers baskets full of eggs.  She thought she hit the jackpot!  She says, "Mommy!  I found them!!"  It was so funny.  

 These boys are too much.

And that's a wrap. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016


 Someone left us a surprise on our doorstep!  Soooo thoughtful!  
 I think he's pooping. 

 Happy little boy with his first little bump on his head.

 Cruz and Kash brought me "flowers". 

Cruz & Kash still sucking their ring fingers.. 
 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
 We go to the park and all they care about is dropping rocks in the drain. 

 We did a night time Easter egg hunt with friends.  My kids had a blast with their little head lights looking for eggs. 

All the kiddos.

 The head lights kill me. 

 31st birthday dinner!
Birthday girls night!  My friend Jill and I have birthdays a few days apart so we get to celebrate together every year. :) 

 Zoo day with cousins! 

Julie may or may not have had a slight meltdown in the reptile zone haha.