Wednesday, May 18, 2016


April was a fun month.  My sister and her 6 kids came into town for their Spring Break - right in time for Cruz, Kash and Julie's 3rd birthday!  I went to a Carrie Underwood concert with my bestie Trisha and her sister Jordan.  Curtis and I were able to spend a weekend in Newport with our friends Tyson and Janessa.  The kids got to go to a petting zoo at their little preschool.  All in all it was a great month! 
That face!
I love that when he smiles you can see every single tooth!
Identical in almost every way.  It's crazy.
Carrie Underwood concert with Trish & Jordan

Auntie Stephanie & Cruz
Riding ponies. 

Kash loved the little piggies. 

I got this picture from Julie's preschool teacher.  She was probably in 7th heaven.  I would have had a panic attack if she did this at home.
"Ready to take on the WORLD with a smile on my face and a head full of CURLS".  Cutest little t-shirts from @curlyqscounter. 

I hope she loves her curls as much as I do when she's older - even tho it's torture to brush them out right now  :)  She actually has gotten a TON better with bath time.  She's really good the first 20 minutes, and then she's over it.  

Kash was so concerned Julie couldn't climb up the slide.  He kept trying to pull her up. 
She was pretend sleeping and actually started snoring here.  :)

This picture cracks me up.  Happiest kids on the block.

Trey's really into toilet papering the bathroom right now.  Super awesome. 

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