Monday, May 16, 2016

Cruz, Kash, and Julie Turn THREE

I can't believe my trio are THREE!!  I look back at pictures and realize the time really does fly by.  I mean FLY BY!  I was trying to think of a theme for their birthday party and what better than a circus theme for my little crazy circus! 

Cruz is such a sweetheart.  If I give him a snack he always asks for three more to give to each of his siblings.  He loves school and is learning a lot; although, when I ask him to count to 10 he always says 2, 3, 6, 7 8.  Haha.  Cruz still sucks his left ring finger when he gets tired.  He HAS to sleep with his tan blanket, bunny and elephant stuffed animals.  Cruz and Kash can climb out of their cribs.  EVERY night we put them to bed in separate cribs, and they end up together in Kash's crib 30 seconds after we close the door.  We have to go in and separate them at least 3 different times before they finally give up and stay in their crib.  They are obsessed with blowing out the light.  They blow as hard as they can while I turn the light off.  My dad did it with me every night when I was a kid too.  They totally think they are the ones blowing it out.  Cruz says the sweetest prayers every night.  He always starts off by saying "Dear Jesus, thank you for mommy and daddy and Kash and Cruz and Julie and Trey. Amen!"  I love that he names himself.  He's started to add other things he's thankful for - like bunny, elephant, blanket, park, and church.  It melts my heart that he can say his own little prayer.  Cruz has become a great little eater and pretty much eats whatever I make.  His favorite food is probably pancakes and eggs.  I love my sweet baby A. 

Kash and Cruz are so similar it's crazy!  They whine the same way, they like/dislike all the same foods, they like to wear the same clothes, they both have a favorite blanket and stuffed animal, they both suck their ring fingers, they even eat an oreo the exact same way!  It's crazy.  They are inseparable.  I think it's the cutest thing and wish I had an identical growing up.  How fun to always have your best friend around.  
Kash is probably my most needy/whiny kid right now.  He still loves to be held or sit on your lap to watch a show - especially if he's tired.  He's obsessed with his blanket and Elsa doll.  Yes, Elsa doll.  He carries her around everywhere and HAS to sleep with her and his blanket.  He also has this weird quirk where he piles every single bath toy animal into his Easter basket and HAS to put it in his dresser drawer every night before he goes to bed.  It's so funny.  He leaves it there all night and brings it downstairs when he wakes up.  He asks to say prayer every night before he goes to bed.  His little prayer voice is so tender and melts my heart.  He says, "Dear Jesus, thank you for mommy and daddy and Cruz and Kash and Julie and Trey and grandma and grandpa.  I love them so much.  Say these things.  Jesus Christ. Amen!"  Oh, it's the cutest.  Sometimes he adds in thank you for Elsa and my blanket and my animals.  Kash is a good little eater when he's hungry.  He'll eat whatever I make.  But he also LOVES treats.  He asks for a snack everyday before lunch.  Kash loves school and has learned so much over the past few months.  He picks things up quickly.  He LOVES reading books!  I hope his love for learning continues to grow!  We sure love our Baby B.

Oh Julie Baby.  She is definitely her own little person.  She is so different than the boys.  She's very independent and entertains herself on her own.  She'll randomly go upstairs and get in my bed under the covers with a book or my phone.  It's so funny.  She is far less needy than the boys.  She still has her little moments, but is usually so happy.  She has the most contagious little smile and her giggle is to die for.  Julie is still OBSESSED with her little rag and always has it with her.  She also loves her children's Book of Mormon.  She has the whole book memorized and sleeps with it every night - in her crib.  Haha.  I love the way she says Liahona. She pronounces it "weeda-hona.  I love it.  Julie has the best memory.  She memorizes movies that she watches in the car and blurts out every line.  It's crazy.  She can count to 15 and knows her ABC's.  She loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  She still goes to speech therapy every week for 30 minutes.  I haven't noticed a huge change, but little by little her vocabulary is expanding.  Julie is by far my best eater.  They are all pretty good, but I can always count on her to finish her plate.  Her favorite foods are oatmeal and lasagna right now.  The only thing she doesn't like is eggs.  She brings the sweetest little spirit into our home.  We adore our little Baby C. 
 Happiest little birthday kids haha..

 Cruz & Cody
 Kash & Jack

 Trey & Lia

 Kash LOVES his new ride!

 Cruz was more into his cupcake than his truck, but he loves it now! 

 They wanted to blow out their candles over and over again.

 Our Elders showed up for the party. 

 My sister and her kiddos came out to CA for their spring break.  It was so fun having them here!

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