Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ensenada Cruise

Zac and Juli planned a little get-a-way weekend and asked us to join.  Bryan and Jessica had no idea we were coming.  We drove down to Long Beach and picked them all up from the airport.  They were so surprised to see us  :)  It was seriously such a fun weekend.  I've never laughed so hard or ate so much.  We laid out at the pool, played mini-golf, sang karaoke, went zip-lining, downtown shopping, saw a blowhole, pet a jaguar, played games, and saw the funniest comedian.  We fit in as much as we could into 3 days.  It was such a blast!
Carnival Cruise to Ensenada!  Love these guys!
The crew.
The boys.
The girls.
Curtis and I won the mini-gold tournament!!

 Bus ride to the zip-line.
 There were 5 zip lines with 5 different obstacle courses in between.  It was crazy!

 We got to ride the last zip line together as a couple.  It was hilarious. 

 The blowhole was actually pretty awesome.  If you're ever in Ensenada I would totally recommend it.  I guess the day we went was pretty perfect because it was blowing sky high.
 Almost 10 years with this guy.

 Downtown shopping.  We bought the kids some superhero capes that they are now obsessed with!
 Bryan and Zac went in to pet a jaguar!  Crazy. 
 And a baby one. 
 This guy cracks me up on the daily.  His karaoke was quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen. 
 Yummy tacos!

It looks like crappy weather, but it was actually super warm.  We just hung out on the back of the boat playing games all day.  
 Zac got on stage for the gameshow.  
Switched up the couples for quite possibly the most awkward photo.  It was hilarious!!  :)  
Our glamour shot.  Haha!

 Reenacting the jaguar scene. 

 Bryan and Jessica went on stage before the diva show started.  So funny. 

Curtis was super excited to take a photo with the dancers from the diva show.  :)

Monday, June 27, 2016


 Julie's hair is deceivingly long!  Love those curls!
 New haircuts for the boys.  Oh, and a sip of Mommy's Diet Coke. 

We took a quick trip to Hollister over Mother's Day weekend.  So, of course, we hit up Casa de Fruta. 

 There's always that one party pooper. 

 Celebrating Zac's birthday! 
Mother's Day with my crew.
Triplet Mama + 1

 Dora and a snack before nap. 
Costco trip with Cruz.  He was in 7th heaven to have some one on one time. 
 They all are obsessed with cars and trains right now. 
 Took my eye off this girl for 5 seconds and found her here. 

 They love giving hugs and kisses ALL day long. 
 Get it girl!

 Trey Trey

 Julie LOVES drawing.  Here's her spider.  :)  So cute!
 Cruz in the garden.
 This girl and her boots. 
 Kash was super excited to go to the park.
 Helping Mommy pull/push the wagon into the gym. 

So...Julie's hair has been SO tangly lately.  It would take me about an hour to brush it out.  I read online that putting it up in two pony tails at night really helps cut down on tangles, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Ahh-mazing!!  It cut my brush time down to 15 minutes.   Some weeks are better than others, but it definitely helps.  We also got her a satin sheet to sleep on, which seems to help as well. 

We are LOVING the pool this summer!  Julie, Cruz, and Kash are little rock stars with their puddle jumpers on.  It's awesome.  I can actually take them all to the pool by myself this year and not have a panic attack that someone is going to drown.  I'm definitely loving this age!  They are getting easier and easier.