Monday, July 4, 2016


 Messy piggys
 Julie still has never gone pee pee on the potty.  We'll see how potty training goes next month!
 Cuddle bug.
 Obsessed with drawing!
 Watching our babysitters track meet!  GO REMI!!
We are so sad she's leaving for college in a few months, but Cal Poly is lucky to have her!  
 I think I'm gonna start potty training next month.  Oh man, pray for me! 
 Trey Trey is obsessed with water - bath time, water table, or the pool.  He could be in there for hours. 
 First trip to the dentist!  2/4 did great!
Just a girl and her brothers.  
 Trey felt left out.
 The shrinkage is real.

Splash pad with this droopy drawers.
 Who loves Mommy??
 Date night with our besties.
 Waiting for the bread to be done.
Happy Father's Day!! 

 Julie's face kills me.
 Happy boy! 
 He thinks he's a big boy.
 Jamba's all around. 
 Learning to cut.
 Thank goodness Cruz has his glasses on to see what he's cutting haha!
 We attempted Finding Dory - and left halfway through.
 Julie's first braids.  

 They are getting pretty good on their balance bikes. 
Jammies all day everyday.  Especially when Daddy is out of town for 3 days!!  Ahhhh....