Sunday, August 14, 2016


July has been a fun month!  I'm a big fan of 4th of July, and my kids actually stayed up late enough to see the fireworks this year.  They all loved it!  We officially moved into our new house this month!  We got the keys July 7th - but we had a little bit of work to do before we moved in.  We had the entire inside of the house painted white, the kitchen cabinets painted white, the carpets replaced, and we closed off the dining room and created a 5th bedroom.  It all took less than two weeks so we were able to move in before Trey's birthday.  We absolutely LOVE it!  It's a one story - which I love!  So much more convenient than a two story with small kiddos!   
Julie kills me.
Holding hands.  These two have the absolute sweetest relationship.  It's truly indescribable.  I don't even know what they would do without each other. 
Look how happy Trey is...
...he accidentally touches Julie...
...and of course he gets whacked...
Julie is such a little sass.
Look at those faces. 

I'm obsessed with her curls. 
Little grumps.  Oh, and happy little Trey.

Cruz and Kash trying so hard not to smile.

After a day full of swimming her curls still look amazing. 

"Fixing" their tire.
When your brother eats your last piece of popcorn...
We officially moved into our new home and we are LOVING it!  This pic cracks me up now, but in the moment it was so frustrating for Curtis.  We bought new couches and they had to be picked up in Sacramento.  So, Curtis left early in the morning to go get them so he could be back in the afternoon to help us move.  Well, he ended up blowing a tire on the U-haul trailer on the way home - which caught FIRE!  He had to wait on the side of the road forever to get a tow truck to take the couches home for us.  His 5.5 hour trip ended up taking him like 10 hours.  It could have been so much worse though!

Kash and his Elsa doll.  I love it! 
Community breakfast. 
Whenever my kids get around stickers they always end up covering their face and body.
Loving our family watercolor!
Suckers to keep them from fighting and bugging each other until daddy comes home. :)
You would have thought it was Christmas morning when we showed the kiddos their new jammies!  They kept running around saying " the rescue!"   It was the cutest thing.  Cruz and Kash have been obsessed with Superman and Batman lately.  

I love them. 
Date night! 
Anyone else struggle with 1 o'clock church???  It is definitely killer in this house!