Sunday, September 25, 2016


August was a great month.  Curtis and I celebrated our TEN year anniversary.  We were able to get away for a few days and spend a weekend in Newport Beach.  Curtis' parents, brother and his girlfriend came out to watch the kids for us.  So amazing! 
We are LOVING Playland in Fresno.  It has the cutest little train ride that my kids are obsessed with.  

Playland also has a few kid rides.  My kids can't get enough. 

This is what happens to Julie's hair after being in her carseat for too long.  Helmet head. 
Weekend getaway started off right with a trip to SoulCycle.  If you haven't tried the class, you should.  I've never sweat so much. 
Celebrating Janessa's 30th birthday!  We love her!
Happy 10 years to us! 
Channeling his inner Zoolander.
We decided to do a 2nd round at SoulCycle and showed up wearing the exact same outfits haha. 
Newport is one of my absolute favorite places!
LOVE these girls!  

Such a great group of friends.  We are so lucky!

Met Alex from Jojo's season of the Bachelorette at Cheesecake Factory.
Trey was mad I made him stop playing to take a picture. 
Celebrating their friend Nelly's birthday.
That hair.
She's too much.
My friends Jen and Janessa recently got certified to teach High Fitness.  Such an fun class!! 
Nap time couldn't come fast enough this day.  I decided to let them run around and explore and their moods perked up a bit. 

I love her curls!
I only let them have popsicles in the bath.  :)
Identicals are so weird.  I walked in to them laying in the exact same position.  Things like this happen ALL the time.  I love it. 
Haircut for Little Man. 
His face.  Haha.
Waiting for the train! 
A boy and his blanket. 

Our selfie attempt. 

The best we could get with 1 o'clock church.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

Trey is TWO

Weight - 32.5lb 
Height - 37.5 in
Clothes - 3T and some 4T

My sweet baby is ::TWO::  I can't believe how fast the past two years have flown by.  Trey is seriously such a happy little kid - constantly smiling and laughing.  He definitely brightens up our whole house!  Trey is still obsessed with his blanket.  He sucks on the corner when he's sleeping or tired.  He's a great little eater - his favorites are bananas, pancakes, french toast, and lasagna.  

Trey is an amazing sleeper.  We've been going to bed a little later than normal this summer so he sleeps 8pm-8:30am (I usually have to wake him up since I go to the gym at 9am).  And he naps 1pm-4pm or later.  It's crazy.  He loves his sleep, and I'm not complaining.  I think he sleeps so well because he's go go go all day.  He is definitely my busiest kid.  He's great at home, but try taking him to church and it's a nightmare.  He doesn't love sitting for a long time or being contained in a small area.  He'd rather run all over the halls.  His attention span is 2 seconds so trying to entertain him with my phone or a book is a no go.  I'm sure he'll get easier in that aspect as he gets older.  He does love a few movies - Minions, Despicable Me - and does great in the car with a DVD playing.  

Trey is pretty delayed speech wise.  He screams ALL. DAY.  He screams when he's excited or when you chase him.  He screams when he wants more water.  Anything.  He only says mama, daddy, and baba.  He'll repeat a few words, but doesn't use them consistently.  It's crazy though because when I count to ten and get to five he'll say "sic" "seten".  You can tell he's totally trying to say six and seven and he always knows they come after five.  So I know there's more in his head than he's leading on.  It was similar with Julie.  She only had a few words at two and then within a few months her vocabulary exploded.  I'm hoping the same thing happens with Trey.  He qualified for speech therapy and will start next month.  We'll see how it goes! 

We sure love this boy!  I can't imagine our family without him.  
My poor little sickie boy.  He started having diarrhea at the end of June - which lasted over two weeks.  It was crazy though because he was still Mr. Happy.  You would never have known anything was wrong unless you were the one changing his diaper.  He was still eating and drink fine and didn't seem to be losing any weight.  I thought 2 weeks was a really long time for a 2 year old to have diarrhea so I took him to his pediatrician.  His check-up was completely normal, but our Dr. decided to check his stool just in case.  It came back positive for Giardia AND C. Diff!  So crazy!  I have no idea how he got BOTH.  Poor guy!  We've only been to the splash pad once this year, but we do go swimming at our community pool a ton.  But you'd think if he got it there, that there would have been more cases reported from other kids getting it too.  I have no idea?  So he went on antibiotics for 10 days - but still had diarrhea!  After a few days I decided to take him back in to his Dr.  They tested his stool again and the Giardia had resolved, but he still has C. Diff.  My pediatrician called in another antibiotic for him.  When we got home I looked at what he prescribed and noticed it was a drug called Clindamycin.  In all my career of Emergency Department nursing I've never seen Clindamycin prescribed for any of my patients with C. Diff.  I thought that was weird, but then thought maybe my Pediatrician knows something I don't know.  I read up on Clindaymcin that night and all I could find were articles on Clindamycin CAUSING C. Diff.  NOT TREATING C. Diff.  I thought that was so weird.  Clindamycin is actually the number one antibiotic that CAUSES C. Diff.  So not only is it the wrong drug - but the WORST drug to prescribe my son.  I held off on giving him the medication the next day until I could talk to his pediatrician.  I left a message with their secretary in the morning and later that day the Dr. called me back.  I asked him if he meant to prescribe Clindamycin for Trey.  He asked why and I said I just have never seen any of my patients get Clindamycin in the hospital for C. Diff.  He asked what I was thinking and I said - Well, my patients usually get Flagyl, but if they are allergic, or if Flagyl didn't work for them, they usually get Vancomycin as a secondary line of defense.  I told him everything I read on Clindamycin was that it actually caused C. Diff instead of treated it.  He paused for a long couple of seconds and then admitted he made a HUGE mistake.  He kept saying - you're right, you're right.  I meant to prescribe Vancomycin!  I couldn't believe it!  I'm so incredibly grateful to be a nurse and follow my gut feeling that Clindamycin was not the right drug for my son.  I can't even imagine if I would have just followed what my Pediatrician prescribed and totally made my son so much worse.  Not only would I have worsened his C. Diff tremendously, but I would have prolonged getting him the right treatment.  

The next day at work I told an ER Dr. what happened.  He was in shock.  He said that could possibly be my best save in my career.  He said if I would have given Trey the Clindamycin for even a few days we would have ended up in the hospital with a REALLY sick kid.  He didn't even want to know my pediatricians name because he didn't want to think differently about him.  We are all humans and can easily make mistakes - so just follow your gut if you feel something is off!  He still has diarrhea (8 weeks now) so I'm hoping this Vancomycin clears him up.
No matter how bad he feels I can still get the best smiles out of him.
Trey turns TWO!! 
First time bowling!

He had a blast!  Haha..