Sunday, September 25, 2016


August was a great month.  Curtis and I celebrated our TEN year anniversary.  We were able to get away for a few days and spend a weekend in Newport Beach.  Curtis' parents, brother and his girlfriend came out to watch the kids for us.  So amazing! 
We are LOVING Playland in Fresno.  It has the cutest little train ride that my kids are obsessed with.  

Playland also has a few kid rides.  My kids can't get enough. 

This is what happens to Julie's hair after being in her carseat for too long.  Helmet head. 
Weekend getaway started off right with a trip to SoulCycle.  If you haven't tried the class, you should.  I've never sweat so much. 
Celebrating Janessa's 30th birthday!  We love her!
Happy 10 years to us! 
Channeling his inner Zoolander.
We decided to do a 2nd round at SoulCycle and showed up wearing the exact same outfits haha. 
Newport is one of my absolute favorite places!
LOVE these girls!  

Such a great group of friends.  We are so lucky!

Met Alex from Jojo's season of the Bachelorette at Cheesecake Factory.
Trey was mad I made him stop playing to take a picture. 
Celebrating their friend Nelly's birthday.
That hair.
She's too much.
My friends Jen and Janessa recently got certified to teach High Fitness.  Such an fun class!! 
Nap time couldn't come fast enough this day.  I decided to let them run around and explore and their moods perked up a bit. 

I love her curls!
I only let them have popsicles in the bath.  :)
Identicals are so weird.  I walked in to them laying in the exact same position.  Things like this happen ALL the time.  I love it. 
Haircut for Little Man. 
His face.  Haha.
Waiting for the train! 
A boy and his blanket. 

Our selfie attempt. 

The best we could get with 1 o'clock church.  

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